One Finger Death Punch

One Finger Death Punch

Conquer Enemies in One Finger Death Punch

Be a Kung Fu master that has the ability to take on waves of enemies in One Finger Death Punch. One Finger Death Punch can be downloaded for free on the Android platform. The iOS version is in the works and can be downloaded when it eventually becomes available. Ads are also present but there is an option that sometimes shows up to not show ads for a set amount of time. But most of the time, it doesn't show and it just has ads scattered about. So far there are no ads that provide special bonuses upon watching like some other games.

It can be said that the gameplay is heavily inspired by great kung fu movies of old that have the main character fight an astounding amount of opponents. Whereas a lot of games have attempted and some have done it wonderfully, One Finger Death Punch does it in a really simple way. With a simple art style and a really simple control scheme consisting of just two buttons. These buttons just attack in the general direction of the enemy. Simple as it is, one may think to just button mash. But button mashing is heavily advised against because attacking when no enemy is present will cause the player to get stunned resulting in being vulnerable to enemies during the stun effect. In this sense, it is close to a rhythm game where the arrival of the enemies may be seen as a certain rhythm.

As the stages progress, more complex enemies are thrown into the fray like the brawler types which flip around and require multiple strikes to eliminate. Some of the opponents even carry weapons which can be sometimes stolen to extend the range of which enemies may be engaged. One of the best feelings one can get from the game is to have a lot of enemies on screen and messing them up one after another, the special particle effects and energy effects to a point that the game should have an epilepsy seizure warning with all the flashes on the screen.

The game is truly a satisfying romp on old kung fu flicks. However, it does come with some downsides. This game is a mobile port. Its original version was on the PC. It had much simpler mechanics thrown in and didn't have the tacked on progression system the mobile port has. The PC version is just simple fun that just has stages to progress with. The mobile version has the poor design choices designed to cater to the mobile market that is over saturated to microtransaction madness. An example of this is the ridiculous stamina system which limits the number of times one can play a stage. If it runs out, one can either wait and go do something else, or just straight up pay.

One Finger Death Punch has a really simple art style for the player and the opponents. It is similar to other stickman-type of games that flood the market as it is rather easy to do stuff with them. Even if the player and opponent look like simple stickmen, the other assets around the game like the background with destructible parts which even crumble when enough damage has been done to them are nicely done. The sound quality is great especially when whacking a whole lot of opponents around. Things get crazy when there are a lot of opponents on screen and visual and sound effects go crazy. Some of the baddies even fly toward and splat on the screen.

One Finger Death Punch is a great game about being a badass kung fu master who almost rhythmically battles an insane numbers of enemies. Unfortunately, this game has gotten the "mobile" treatment in which mechanics and features were slapped on it just to incite microtransactions. Overall, One Finger Death Punch, is still a game worth taking a look into.
3.3 / 5.0
review by Private (Steph) | May 13th 2015

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