Naught Reawakening

Naught Reawakening

Naught Reawakening Review

Naught Reawakening is an incredibly interesting gravity-based platfomer where the idea of the game is to guide Naught through a dark and mysterious underground world which is split up into many, many levels!

The game is really easy to get a handle on quickly - it's a really simple concept with simple controls that you can basically start to enjoy as soon as you have downloaded it.

After a few basic levels, and once you have had time to get to grips with how Naught moves in the game, the difficulty starts to ramp up with more confusing levels and more enemies to avoid. Soon enough you'll find yourself embroiled in intriguing mazes, with secret passages, multiple types of baddies and an assortment of path options to take in each level.

Luckily you generally get a lot of chances to keep trying the same part - just make sure you collect a lot of seeds in the game, this will basically allow you to resume at your last checkpoint (instead of starting at the beginning of the level) for as long as you have seeds.

Graphically the game is serene in a mysterious dark and even creepy way, the sound is very immersive and sets a nice undertone and feel to the game

This game is well worth a purchase for all fans of maze type platformers that would like to play something different.

To get a better idea of the game, then try checking out the official trailer from Genera:

4.0 / 5.0
review by Rich | Feb 26th 2015

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