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Chapter 2 - Newton

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Chapter 2 - Newton

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For Part 2 of Muse's Adventure Escape Game you need to help Issac Newton discover Gravity.

Chapter 2 - Newton

First collect from the far left a hairpin.
Then view the desk.
Chapter 2 - Newton

Use the hairpin on the box on the right to open it.
Collect a glass cutter.
Note the circular diagram on the papers on the table for a clue.
Chapter 2 - Newton

Use the glass cutter on the glass door on the far right to open it.
You can now go out to the garden.
Chapter 2 - Newton

First tap on the table to view it.
Chapter 2 - Newton

Collect the walking cane.
Next, tap inside the gazebo on the right to view inside.
Chapter 2 - Newton

Use the walking cane on the cup of sugar on the floor under the benches.
Collect the sugar cubes.
Back up and now tap on the small nest of ants on the lower right.
Add the sugar to the ground to draw the ants away and you can then collect a small sphere
Chapter 2 - Newton

Now go back into the first room
On the right, in front of the doors, is a table with a puzzle game on top. View this.
Chapter 2 - Newton

Add the sphere to you collect to it to begin.
This is a memory puzzle. There are pairs of matching spheres, one on the left and one on the right.
Make a note of the positions before they disappear, you then need to remember and tap all of the pairs.
The positions of the planets will vary each time so you will need to work on this yourself.

Once done the device will open and you can start the next part of the puzzle.
Chapter 2 - Newton

The segments of the dial can now be swapped to arrange the design to match the clue on the desk.
Solution: Chapter 2 - NewtonShow

Once done collect the sun shape piece.
Return to the desk and place the sun piece on the box on the left to open it.
Collect the Gear key
Chapter 2 - Newton

Go back outside and tap on the table again.
Use the gear key to open the bag on the left.
Collect a file.
Chapter 2 - Newton

View inside the Gazebo again. Use the file on the cage to open the door.
Chapter 2 - Newton

You can then collect the key from inside.
Go back inside. Use the key on the cabinet on the far left with the moon symbol.
Chapter 2 - Newton

Collect a hand mirror.
Go back outside. select the mirror and then tap on the telescope to place it and reflect the sunlight.
Chapter 2 - Newton

Then tap on the telescope to begin a puzzle.
You again need to find the pairs of symbols. Watch as they are revealed and then find 1 pair at a time.
Hint: there are 4 pairs on the left and 4 on the right.
Chapter 2 - Newton

Once done you will knock down the apple on to Newton and complete Part 2, continue to Part 3
Chapter 2 - Newton

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