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MMA Manager 2021
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MMA Manager 20201 is a surprisingly deep fighter training and strategy game from Tilting Point. There are various fight modes to take part in, both PvE and PvP. You will need to recruit fighters, train them in a variety of fight styles and build up your gym and roster to take on the strongest opponents.

MMA Manager 2021
MMA Manager 2021

Hints and Tips for MMA Manager

After playing the tutorial you will need to recruit your first fighter. Assign some skill points then head to fight in the campaign. This is the starting point and lets you practice and get the hand of the game before taking on other players. You will start off against very easy opponents but they will quickly get tougher. You can earn cash and credits in the campaign but you will want to move on to quick fights to boost your fighters record.

You will need to hire both fight coaches and gym trainers to train up your fighters. These can be found in the Shop. Gym Trainers will help boost your fighters strength, conditioning and agility ratings while the fight coaches will help improve the individual fight skills. You will also need to purchase and then upgrade your gym equipment to get the most from your training sessions. Make sure to get a good mix of trainers to let you gain the most from them. You will need to make sure to update your trainers and upgrade your equipment as you progress as each will be limited in how much they can help your fighters.

As you win and earn Prestige you will be able to unlock better gyms. Move up to the bigger gyms when they become available to give yourself more room for equipment and training options.

Tap the quest button on the right of the screen to see a lit of your active in game quests. These are a good way to earn
cash, credits and prestige to help you advance. Getting stuck in and trying to win some fights today will help push you forward.

Fight Strategy
You can swipe through the stats for your opponent and your own to then decide on your strategy. You only have 3 minutes to set up your fight plan so you will need to be quick although with practice this will become easier. For your opponent you can view their statistics for various attacks and defenses which can guide you in what to focus your own strategy on.

There are a lot of control sliders to adjust to set up your gameplan. The approach slider will be your main tactic adjustment that lets you pick from defensive, balanced or offensive fighting plans. We find that a balanced approach usually works well. but you can try switching to Offense for stand up opponents or defense for more ground based ones.

MMA Manager Gameplan
MMA Manager Gameplan

Striking defense and takedown defense sliders let you set a level for defending opponents moves. Over doing these though will reduce your initiative and interfere with any offensive based strategy. Focus defense should be set according to your opponents best moves.

The next section adjust the frequency of different attacks that you make. Focus on the ones you are good at or ones that the opponent has trouble defending. Again do not over do these as you will take focus away from your defense.

For transitions we recommend choosing a neutral approach. Submission sand Clinch will control how often your fighter attempts a submission hold or grab of the opponent to slow them down.

Distance control let you set a preferred distance to maintain. Keep back if you want to score kicks but get in close if you want to focus on takedowns and punches

Finally the fight style choices lets you set a preference for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai and Wrestling. BJJ is a submission and ground based style, Muay Thai is stand-up attacks and wrestling is focused on grappling and takedowns. Select what you think will work best for your fighter.

We hope these tips will help you play MMA Manager 2021, if you have any questions about any are of the game please head to the Answers Page.

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