The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

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Hints and Tips for the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot
The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Guide

Hints and Tips for the Mighty Quest for Epic Loot

The levels of the might quest for epic loot is easy enough to hack and slash your way through, you will need to do it right to get the best of the loot and speed up your progress through the game. Check out out tops here to help you.

Try Everything in the Game
As you start to upgrade your gear and level your character you will unlock various game modes to play. Each offers a different challenge and a range of rewards. It's worth trying your hand at them all and checking out all the options available. You will be able to work your way up to harder difficulties to replay as well. So pitch in and give it a go.

Complete the Three Challenges for a Stage
Each stage has three main tasks to complete, finish the castle, kill all the enemies, and beat it under the required time limit. Remember to explore each level to find enemies and loot chests and try to complete wach of these tasks to maximise the loot you can acquire.

Focus on Reaching Level 30
In order to unlock all of the game modes to give you the best chance at loot your main initial goal in the quest is to reach level 30. Once you get there its time to focus on your Gear strategy.

Complete All Your Daily Missions, and claim daily rewards
Every time you log in for a new days play make sure you check and complete all of your Daily Missions. The extra loot and player experience points you acquire by completing Daily Missions can quickly help you level up.

Save Your Promote Stones
Promote stones can be found in Promote stone castles and there is a daily limit on the amount you can acquire. The stones themselves are used to rank up your gear and are essential for becoming the strongest you can be, but you don't need to use them too early on your starting items. Wait until you start to acquire high level legendary items or need to improve your stats for a challenging fight.

Buy Auto-Win Tickets to Farm for Gear
Available in the shop to purchase for gems are auto-win tickets. These can be used to automatically farm previously played quests for more loot that can then be used to upgrade your best items. Gems are hard to come by but you do get some when you complete a stage for the very first time. Head to the shop and look for the Auto-Win Ticket Pack.

Develop Four Unique Character Sets Once You’ve Unlocked a Ton of Equipment, “Skills,” and “Talents”
We already mentioned the benefit of developing unique elemental gearsets for elemental dungeons. You should also create varied gearsets that contain varied equipped Skills and Talents.

Work on your Gearsets
As you reach further into the game yo will find more situations where you will benefit, or need, to have euipeed certain elemental gear or types of gearsets to succeed. There are elemental dungeons for example where you will need the right elements gear. Find the combinations that work best and focus on improving those for your battles.

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