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Chapter 1 - Life Plain

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Chapter 1 - Life Plain

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Getting through chapter 1 in your first play through is incredibly difficult, probably impossible. To help you get through the level you'll need to equip equipment and upgrade some talents, to help make you strong enough to survive the first chapter.

Check the Talent and Equipment tabs at the bottom of the main game screen to see if you have anything to equip or have enough gold to make upgrades. Don't forget to check the shop for anything that you can get for free by watching an ad.

You may see some red dots on the main game screen, this usually indicates that there is some reward to be collected in that section. Tap them to find out, it could mean the difference between completing this first level or not.

Grinding and preparing yourself properly to attack the first level is really important, and a little grinding a few ads watched really can go a long way.

Chapter 1 Gameplay Walkthrough

Our friends over on SuperCheats have put together a playthrough of Chapter 1, here you can see the general mechanics of the game.
Lonely Survivor Chapter 1 - Complete

The important thing to remember is that whatever weapon skills you pick up during the game, you also grab the associated supply skill.

So if you have a weapons already, and then you see that weapon's icon beneath another obtainable skill, make sure you grab it. This will allow you to take that weapon skill to the highest possible level.

Our preference for weapons skills are the defensive shields and rotating balls they are great at keeping the mobs at bay.

The equipped weapon that was used in the playthrough was the sword, it was taken to evolution level where it could make 360 degree slashes, hitting multiple targets at the same time.

Chapter 1 Final Boss

The final boss was a little tricky especially as we didn't have much energy at the end of the chapter. The idea was to stay as far away as possible and let our ranged attacks defeat him.
Final Boss
Final Boss

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