LilyCity: Building metropolis

LilyCity: Building metropolis

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LilyCity is a town building Sim. Follow the quests and develop your town in this cool looking, fun game from MAFT Wireless.

Check out our LilyCity Tips below to help you get started in the game.

Lily City Tips

1. Follow the Quests
Tap the notepad and pencil icon to find out the current quest and what you need to complete it. This will guide your progress in the game and naturally develop your Town.

Getting Started

2. Look out for reward offers
Look out for offers to double your rewards in exchange for watching a video ad. These are especially useful during the beginning of the game when you don't have so many resources and there is lots to do.

3. Be careful spending banknotes
Banknotes are the premium currency in the game, and while it seems like you start off with a lot, it's really easy to spend all of them very quickly.
Free Banknotes

4. Add Neighbours
LilyCity is a social game too, so adding neighbors is a good idea as you will be able to collect more rewards and it will also be easier to complete social tasks later in the game.


We at AppGamer, hope you have fun playing LilyCity, we also have some FAQs for the game here: LilyCity Answers . On that page you can also ask and answer questions about LilyCity
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It was great but now not being able to play is frustrating.
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