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Last Voyage

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Semidome's Last Voyage is a puzzle game that is more cryptic than most puzzle games out there. This game is one of those abstract / game-as-art creations that we find slowly populating the App Store more and more.

There are no general instructions, you just play the game and discover the rules and nuances of the game. The discovery aspect is entertaining, but the game does have a great base gameplay which manages to retain the attention of the player.

The Last Voyage contains several gameplay variations but all of them share the same minimalistic approach. Priced at $0.99, the game contains five chapters with no in-app purchases to unlock more. In some chapters, you are going to be on a first-person runner mode, dodging obstacles and running into the proper “wormholes” of different shapes. In one of the chapters, you are going to spin shapes into their logical order while all the shapes are spinning too. There is also a chapter that is all about color. This will challenge your perception and how you view colors, you might be colorblind, or needs a crash course on your color-wheel. Boy, that chapter is indeed interesting. Do not worry, the puzzles are not difficult, and not too easy.

The only problem lies on making the player work back from the beginning if he or she fails. You can access all of the chapters, you do not need to play them in order. However, if you fail in the middle of the session, you have to go back at the beginning and play again. Yes, the game is easy, but you will expect a more forgiving design for a game that is clearly made for people to relax. Even if you like the game so much, you would not dare repeat the game again and again, robbing the potential replayability solely because of this decision.

As I've said, the game takes the minimalistic approach, no explosions, no gratuitous special effects, just lines and curves and colors. The Last Voyage music is very excellent, it does complement the nature of the game and also is amazing to the ears. You could put it on your speakers and just zone out while reading a book, or taking a nap, or even while working.

For the price, the game provides a lot of serene gaming experience. If you are commuting, this would be the perfect game as the Last Voyage makes the time goes by swiftly without you noticing its passage. You will probably play the game just once, or in one sitting, but it is worth the asking price. It would be nice if there are new levels, but as it stands, the five chapters are just perfect for the price.
4.0 / 5.0
review by Jasper Nikki | May 18th 2015

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