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Last Fortress Underground is a deep base building and combat based online multiplayer game. Requiring a reasonable time investment and strategy to ensure your progress and survival. Check below for our top tips for succeeding in Last Fortress.

Last Fortress Underground Hints and Tips

Unless you have played a game like Fallout shelter before then this style of base building may be unfamiliar to you. If so you should take the time to work through the tutorial and follow the instructions. This will let you learn the basics of how the game will progress and how you will need to work to get the resources you need. Thee is a lot to learn so take it slow.

The game will provide a quest objectives that you can see on the lower left of thew screen, its recommended to follow these and keep the progress flowing. Completing the quests, chapters and moving forward in the Days of the game will ensure you make the best start in the game and earn you useful rewards.

Workers are needed for almost all activities. Some will be preassigned and others you will use for any jobs that come along. Collecting resources, upgrading facilities and research etc. Keeping your workers busy at all times will be the best course of action.

You will find yourself limited by the number of workers you have. You will be able to unlock more of these as you go, or you can also opt to buy extra workers in game to really speed up the progress. As more workers become available make sure to check what tasks they are best at snd assign them accordingly.

N.A.T.E. is an automated robot worker that you will encounter early on. Nate will help you out by automatically collecting resources allowing you to use your workers for more important tasks and meaning you don't run out when offline for any length of time. You will need to pay to unlock NATE permanently and if you are going to invest in the game then it will be an important purchase.

Combat Heroes
As well as the worker you will have combat heroes. You will start off with a couple of these and progressing through the initial story will let you unlock more. You can also get good deals to pay to unlock others or recruit them over time using the Satellite nexus that you will uncover.

Once you have the heroes you should work on upgrading them. This is done through earning EXP to increase their level, Z-coins to breakthrough to new levels, Ascending them to unlock skills and upgrading the skills with hero medals. The more you play the more EXP, medals and other items you will earn for this.

As you follow through the story you will get the opportunity to join (or start) an alliance. AS with most other MMO games like this you will want to join an alliance and try to find an active and helpful alliance as your ability to progress and stay safe will depend on having backup and helping each other out.

You will also get a list of daily missions to complete for useful rewards for yourself and shared rewards for all alliance members.

As you get stronger you will want to explore the world around you and look for the opportunities to take on enemies and gather resources. You will be able to send out APC's to attack and collect but initially you will find it easier to focus on developing and maxing out a single APC to give you the best chance.

Keep exploring and developing your base. Don't forget to do the research to give yourself extra bonuses. You won't need to upgrade every room and facility in the the base but do work on the Control center and deal with other rooms as you need to. You will also need to keep the Entrance hall up to the same level.


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