Hidden Object: 4 Seasons

Hidden Object: 4 Seasons Guide and Tips

Hidden Object: 4 Seasons
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Hidden Object: 4 Seasons Guide


Welcome to our scene guide for Hidden Objects 4 Seasons. We'll go through some of the scenes in the game and map out where to find the hidden objects.

If you are stuck on anything in particular, please send us a comment below, or write in a question for other players to see and answer.

Getting Started in Hidden Objects 4 Seasons

Let's take you through getting started in Hidden Objects 4 Seasons. The first scene starts off with a number of objects that you need to find, these are shown in the bottom left of the game screen. On the bottom right there are different help options.

Help Options

Help Options

From he help option block there is the fire ring in the top left, you have a limited amount of these, so use sparingly, but it will reveal the exact location of an item that you are looking for. Next to that is the water ring, this useful helper will produce a downpour and temporarily highlight hidden objects. It costs 200 coins to use, or sometimes the game will offer to show you a video ad in exchange for getting 1 usage of the water ring for free.

Below these two options are the Earth Ring on the left, again this costs 200 coins and will trigger a powerful earthquake temporarily revealing hidden objects. To the right of that is the Wind Ring, this costs 250 coins, but sometimes you can view a video ad to get 1 use of it. This is a the most powerful option and will actually blow away excess objects. You can use this on difficult levels that have a lot of extra objects.

So basically now you just need to go ahead and try to find all of the hidden objects.

The next page of our guide takes you through the first scene in the game.

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