Hero Pop

Hints and Tips

Hints and Tips
Hero Pop Guide

1.) Put into Heart the Mechanics

Always remember how the game works. Remember, in order to create wonderful super balloons, you have to chain at least five of them.

2.) Objectives First Before Everything Else

At the very start of each and every level, the game will ceremoniously lay down the objectives for you to complete. These goals must be followed, because there is no way you can win the game without even completing these goals. I know, it is very tempting to just throw everything and chain as much balloons as you want, activating all of the power ups and such. However, you cannot brute force your way to win it. You have to complete the goals.

3.) Choose Your Battles

Remember, you can pop off the balloons that you do not need. So if you are in dire need of a green balloon and all you have are two red balloons, pop off one of them and hope that a green one will come out. The balloons are limited though, you cannot just pop everything you do not like. Again, Hero Pop requires patience and strategy, no way you are going to progress with sheer force.

4.) Plan

It is alright to fail, in fact, with this game, you should fail in order to learn what to do. There are only few solutions per level, luck has nothing to do with it. You must plan on how you attack the level in order for you to complete it.

5.) Save the Power Ups

Have a new power up? Don't go using it immediately, wait for the perfect time to use it. Or during your desparate times. Yes, it is nice to see all these special effects and balloons popping all over the place. But is it better than have your goals completed?

6.) Add Me on Facebook

Yes, connecting the game to the most popular social network will allow you to get more hearts from your gifting friends, and therefore more attempts in winning the game. Here comes the problem though, you do not have a Facebook account. Well, here is a solution, buy some hearts in the app itself, it is cheap, and the game is so much fun, the developers more than deserve it.

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