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Heavenstrike Rivals: Tips & Hints

1) Train your squad.

While you can certainly level up through battles you can quickly get your squad up a few levels by training them. To train, you go into the inventory menu on the main screen. Tap the unit, and then using items or other units, preferably the same class, click train. Note, the more rare the unit the higher the cost to train.

2) Balance

Always have a healer or two in your squad. Without them you will die. You can have up to eight units in your squad, range based units are also helpful as they can damage multiple enemies at once.

3) Use the free gems you get at the beginning to buy the 10 pack of units

This is pretty simply but easy to skip if you just jump right in. The game starts you off with fifty gems; five will be used during the tutorial. However the remaining forty-five is just enough to start you off on the right track.

4) Do the event missions

Everyday there is a quite a few new missions to do that can net you some rare items that are pretty easy to complete. These missions can also be farmed in order to get the rarest loot available.


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