Happy Mall Story: Shopping Sim

Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints
Happy Mall Story: Shopping Sim Guide

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1. Plan your layout carefully
You should plan your layout in a way that the decorations you put fully affect the facilities which earn you the most money.

2. Manage your workers’ time
Given the default number of two workers, you could choose to let them both work at something with the same time so you can come back later to find them both finished or leave one worker always free for building decorations. Since building decorations do not require time.

3. Don't trigger fever mode when near the money cap
Your mall has a limit on how much money it can store at a given time. Triggering fever mode near this limit will waste all the money you could have earned during “fever”. So, if nearing max cash capacity, spend something equal (or more) amounts of money gained from frenzy. You could judge how much is gained by your current setup from previous fever moments.

4. Invest when you get the chance
The starting visitors you see in your mall will probably show the "I’m broke" message hinting that they have indeed run out of money. Investing allows new types of visitors with bigger budgets to visit your mall.

5. Upgrade your facilities to hold more cash
If you plan to play this at lengthy time intervals, you may want to consider upgrading your favorite facilities so that they hold more maximum cash so that when you claim the cash, it would be a hefty amount.

6. Use items to upgrade your customer types
The items you can buy in the little store in front of your mall are not only for the facilities but can be used on customers as well. Doing so will upgrade their base max budget.

7. Building lower level buildings first
It could prove wise to not build everything as they are unlocked. You could focus on lower tiered facilities while you are starting out. More lower facilities could be better than one single high-tier facility that could take longer to build and upgrade.

8. Lines could frustrate customers.
One more benefit of the previous tip is that having multiple facilities of the same type would ensure that a line won’t get too long. Customers may get frustrated at the long line and just leave if they aren't served in time.

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