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Happy Hospital: ASMR Doctor is a time management simulation game from DragonPlus. In the game you have to attend to the medical needs of patients that come into the hospital.

To do this well, you'll need to select the best upgrades, and make sure that you know where to send everyone in the most efficient way possible. Here are our best Happy Hospital tips and strategies to help you get off to a pain free start in the game!

Happy Hospital Tips

This is all about time management and upgrades. Having a good sense of what you need to do for each patient and juggling the available beds will make you a winner in this game, here are our best Happy Hospital hints and tips.

  • 1. Get the recommended upgrades

    Just before you start a level in the hospital you get a chance to purchase upgrades. Don't waste your coins here and spend for the sake of getting rid of all of your coins.

    Sometimes it is better to save up to use them when you have more to get something better.

    There are usually recommended upgrades, check these out as they are usually great options to get if you have enough coins... If you don't then just save your stash until you complete the next level.

  • 2. Get more coins and gems in the treatment room

    If you of coins and gems, then a great option is to play some levels in the treatment room. They are usually quite easy to play through and the rewards are quite handy.

  • 3. Collect your freebies

    You can lg in daily to get some free rewards, every little helps as they say, and the free coins and gems can be put to good use to help you get more hospital upgrades.

  • 4. Doctor is Sweating

    If the doctor is sweating, then don't worry too much it's just you'll complete the level better if the doctor is a higher level. So when you finish the level, don't forget to level up your doctor before starting an other level.

  • 5. Practice

    If you've not played time management sims before, then they do take a bit of getting used to. Luckily the levels start off quite easy and the game introduces new features little by little.

If you are getting frustrated or not able to complete a level, earn more coins int he treatment rooms and get more upgrades then try the hospital again.


That wraps up our best tips for Happy Hospital: ASMR Doctor, if you are having trouble with anything in particular, drop a question for other players to answer.

Happy Hospital FAQs

How to change my name in Happy Hospital?

You are allowed one free name change, to do this, you simply tap your icon in the top left of the screen, then tap the green pen square and tap in your new name.

Be aware that you only get one free name change. More name changes after the free one will cost gems.

What is the best upgrade to get in the hospital?

Where possibly I prefer to go with the recommended upgrades. Apart from that, I try to upgrade everything at least a little bit.

How to get free coins and gems?

There are daily rewards that you can get and also complete the treatment room tasks for an easy way to get free gems and coins.

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Happy Hospital: ASMR Doctor FAQs

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The doctors are sweating and I don't know what I'm supposed to do about it? I accidentally didn't read the box when it popped up.

If the doctor is sweating when making a treatment, there is no need to sweat yourself! It just means that the doctor needs to be upgraded in order to pass the level better. It may also make the progress bar of the treatment change color. This is a new addition to the game which was added on 7th August 2023.

One of the daily quests is to stop the weather effect in the Hawaii hospital. How do you do that?

Tap the blue fan by the waiting area

What is the purpose of the clock/stopwatch reward?

It stops the patient patience for a few seconds.

How do you use the rewards in the game? Ex. The shoes with the wings gives the nurse speed. What do the other ones do?

Click on them in The Right bottom corner. Then you use them.

Why my staff and patients process line are in red and they look like it's hot in the piece even if I put fan on?

To remind you that you need to upgrade the doctor level to pass the level better. If the doctor's level is too low, the doctor will sweat and the progress bar of the treatment will change color. It's dumb and distracting to me. ... + 1 More Answers

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Love the game. Actually I’m addictted, but I feel like I need to spend money to complete hospitals

4.0 / 5.0

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