Guardian Soul

Hints and Tips for Guardian Soul

Hints and Tips for Guardian Soul
Guardian Soul Guide

Guardian Soul has a lot of depth to the game, there are some simple tips though to help you progress further and faster.

Focus on 4-6 star guardians
Higher star level guardians will be very useful to you early in the game for fast progress. To get these you can use your diamonds on the Lucky Draw and to purchase premium treasure tickets. This only give you a chance to get a 6-star guardian. If you get 4-5 star guardians then these will be ok to use a s well or you can reroll if you have not yet bound your game.

To Reroll you can uninstall the app and re install to start again from the beginning and get another shot at a high level guardian to start.

Set up your Team
As you may guess you should concentrate on placing your highest star level guardians in the team line up. There is an Auto Formation button which lets the game select the recommended guardians for you. Before a state check to make sure that your team’s CP is above the recommended CP to avoid any danger.

Use Tap skill points
With every level you gain you will earn a Tap skill point, these are used to upgrade the 3 different kinds of skills.. To use the skill points go to the Main menu, then TAP icon.

- TAP Attack: This skill lets you damage the enemies yourself by tapping on them during battles. The higher the skill level, the more damage you can deal against enemies.
- TAP Heal: This skill lets you heal yourself during battles. Useful if you don't have a healer on the team.
- Critical Blow: To make Critical Blow attacks.

You can rest the skills when you want to.

Complete the To Do List quests
In the early game you will first complete a tutorial section, after this though you will have a ‘To Do List’ of quests to work on. This list will be the fastest way for you to obtain diamonds and many other useful items as rewards.

Get 3 stars in each stage
Getting 3 stars in each level will benefit you by giving you the best rewards from the level and will also unlock the Auto Clear feature for the level. This lets you use Auto Clear Tickets to instantly clear the stage and gain more rewards.

Join a Guild
Joining a guild is important to open up further game features
- Guild War – Make sure to set your strongest guardian for defense (Set Defense)
- Boss Raid – You can battle raid bosses for black coins
- Boost – You can send or receive action points from/to guild members
- Guild Shop – You can spend your black coins to exchange for certain items

Login in daily and do the daily dungeons and quests
Logging in to the game daily will let you collect daily rewards and you can check out the ongoing events for free rewards and opportunities to get items, There are daily weekly and monthly missions to complete as well.
To maximize your rewards each day check the list of dungeons and game features to complete.
- Dimensional Dungeon
- Rank Battle
- Alchemy Lab
- Equipment Dungeon
- Weekly Dungeon
- Guardian Tower
- Network Dungeon
- Dungeon of Tribulations
- World Boss

That completes our quick guide and tips for Guardian Soul. If you have anything to add please let us know below. If you have any questions for the game please head to the answer page.

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