Gran Turismo Cheats

Mar 17th 2023

Welcome to the ultimate hub for Gran Turismo cheats, codes, tips, and tricks! Our expertly crafted guide will empower you to unlock the full potential of your racing experience, giving you an unparalleled edge over the competition.

Discover hidden shortcuts, secret vehicles, and game-changing hacks that will propel you straight to the winner's podium.

Whether you're a casual gamer or a die-hard Gran Turismo fan, our treasure trove is your one-stop destination for unlocking more fun in Gran Turismo. So, buckle up and get ready to accelerate your way to victory with our best collection of Gran Turismo cheats and codes!

Gran Turismo Cheats
Gran Turismo Cheats

Gran Turismo Cheats

You can find all of our Gran Turismo cheats for GameShark and Codebreaker at the bottom of this article. With these cheats you can get licences, finish races, get boosts and much more.

The cheats add a new dimension to the game, but you'll be pleased to know we also have loads of helpful information about unlocking cars, the best cars in the game and how to unlock more circuits, read on for full information.

Arcade Mode Unlocks

In the original Gran Turismo, the Arcade Mode features a number of unique tracks where players can test their racing skills.

Each track presents its own set of challenges and opportunities for racers to hone their abilities.

Track Completion Bonuses

Completing tracks will give you the corresponding bonuses as in the table below.

You must complete the tracks in A, B and C order.

Win the High Speed Circuit Autumn Ring
Win the Trial Mountain Circuit Deep Forest
Win the Special Stage R5 Dodge dealership
Win the Clubman Stage 5 Grand Valley Speedway
Win the Grand Valley East Circuit Special Stage R5
Win the Deep Forest Circuit Subaru dealership
Win the Deep Forest Circuit Toyota dealership
Win the Grand Valley Speedway TVR dealership

Special Event Bonus Cars

Win the Megaspeed Challenge Aston Martin DB7 Coupe
Win the UK v US Challenge Dodge Concept Car
Win the US v Japan Challenge Dodge Viper GTS-R + Mitsubishi FTO LM
Win the FF Challenge Honda CRX ef-8 SiR + Toyota Celica SS-II
Win the Lightweight Challenge Honda EK Civie Type-R + Mazda Eunos Roadster
Win the 4WD Challenge Mitsubishi Lancer GSR Evo.IV + Subaru Alcyone SVX S4
Win the FR Challenge Nissan S13 Silvia Q's 1800 + Nissan Sil 80
Win the All Night 1 Challenge Nissan S14 Silvia LM
Win the All Night 2 Challenge Nissan Skyline NISMO GT-R LM
Win the UK v Japan Challenge TVR Cerbera LM + Honda del sol LM
Win the Grand Valley 300km Toyota Castrol Supra GT
Win the Tuned Challenge AE86 Sprinter Trueno GT Apex
Win the Normal Challenge Subaru Impreza WRX-STi Ver.III

Simulation Mode Bonus Cars

Win the Clubman Cup Corvette Camaro Z28
Win the GT Cup Toyota Soarer LM
Win the Sunday Cup Mazda Demio A-Spec

Get More Parts with this Duplicate Parts Trick

This is a neat little cheat where you can easily get a load more parts.

1. Buy two cars that are the same, then purchase all of the parts that you want for one of the cars. These are the parts that we'll be looking to duplicate.

2. Now view all of your new fitted car parts in the garage.

3. Select the duplicate car that you have no parts for, and view it's parts list. It should be empty.

4. Stay in this 2nd car and enter a spot race.

5. Now when qualifying, select Machine Parts, and Change Parts, you should be able to fit all of the parts that you purchased for the original car.

That's it, now both cars should be fully stacked with all of the parts that you originally purchased for the first car.

This cheat will not work on cars that have been awarded. Only items available in the Change Parts menu can be duplicated.

Easy Money Cheats

Get $20k easily by racing the qualifier for the all-nighter. You'll need to qualify to get the cash. We recommend doing this with the GTO special edition or similar as long as it has good acceleration, top sped and handling. This may not be something you can do early in the game so you may need to unlock a decent enough car first to do this easy money cheat.

Another way to get some easy money in Gran Turismo is to get a car capable of winning the Normal Car championship - so no tuning. This is a good event to grind out credits as for each race in the championship you'll get 50,000 credits for each win, and if you can be first in the overall championship you can get another 100,000 credits on top of the race win prizes. A good car for this even could be the Dodge Viper GTS.

If you have already accumulated 1,000,000 credits then possibly the Turbo Car Cup in GT mode could be a grinding option for you. Purchase a 180SX and the win you'll get 300,000 credits and a R33 drag car.

Licence Completion Tip

If there is any licence that you are having trouble getting, head to the replay theater where you can view the demo videos. This shoudl give you some clues and help on how to complete each of the licences.

While in the replay mode, hitting circle will toggle the view setting and square will toggle the camera distance (while in the car view mode). X toggles replay data.

Car Unlocks

Unlock Toyota TRD3000GT

You can get this fab car by getting all gold medals in the A Class license test.

Unlock Nissan Nismo 400-R

This car is unlocked after you have got all gold medals in the International A license test.

Unlock Chevrolet Camaro 30th Anniversary

To get this Z28, complete the GT League Clubman Cup first in the championship with any car.

Unlock Del Sol Car from Toyota

Win in the Japan vs. UK from Special Events.

Unlock Dodge Viper GTS-R

Using the Dodge Viper GTS, win in the US vs. Japan race from the Special Events menu. You should find the The GTS-R in your garage.

Unlock Ford GT-90

Win the third race in the MR Challenge.

Unlock Imola Tan Subaru Impreza Sedan

Win the Normal Car (Commercial Cars) championship from the Special Events menu. Find it in your garage once you have completed this.

Unlock Mazda Demio A Spec

Win the Sunday Cup in the GT League menu and place first in the championship.

Unlock R*Dodge Concept Car (purple)

Win the Convertible Car Cup from Special Events.

Unlock R*Ford GT90

Win the Seattle Circuit 100mile Endurance race.

Unlock R*Viper GTS-R

Win the Apricot Hill 200km Endurance race.

Unlock S14 Silvia LM edition

Win the All Night #1 Endurance race from special events. You'll get 150,000 credits as well as the car.

Unlock Toyota Chaser LM

Win the GT Cup in the GT league menu. You'll find the car in the garage after completion. Do it a second time and you may get a Blue version.

Unlock TVR Cerbera LM

Win the UK vs. Japan race from the Special Events menu.

Unlock Chrysler Copperhead Concept Car

There are two ways to get this cool concept car, either win the UK vs US championship by finishing in first place or get all gold medals in the B Class license test.

Duplicate Chrysler Copperhead Concept Car

Once you have the Chrysler Copperhead Concept Car unlocked, put it in your garage and save your game to your memory card. Take the memory card out and start a new game.

Select the trade option and insert your card to slot two when prompted.

Once the card has fully loaded, select the concept car from the garage.

The concept car should be costing you 0 credits, and you should be able go back and do this 100 times.

Best Cars in Gran Turismo

Here are some of the best cars in Gran Turismo, we'll start with some of the fastest, then look at a good option for when you are starting out in the game.

Fastest Cars in Gran Turismo

The GTO Twin Turbo is the fastest or one of the fastest cars in the game. You'll need to fully equip it to make it the fastest though. You should be able to get it to 930hp with some tweaking.

Another super fast car in Gran Turismo is the Mitsubishi 3000GT and is another car that you can get to about 930 hp with parts and tuning. Handling is also incredible with this car.

For something a bit more spicy, try the Supra RZ. While it's acceleration and top speed is some of the highest in the game, the handling is not fantastic and it does have a tendency to spin out because it is a FR car.

The highest horsepower car however when fully tuned is the Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R and you can get it to a whopping 955 HP. Tune this bad boy to perfection to get the best top speeds, the only problem is finding a track that will let you reach those levels.

Overall however, we think that the Purple Concept Car is the fastest car in the game. Like all top cars, it will need a fair bit of tuning to get it at it's best but should be the other cars mentioned above in most three lat races.

Other notable mentions for fastest cars in Gran Turismo include the Toyota Supra RZ which can also reach over a 900HP when correctly tuned.

Good Starter Car

The Honda Prelude 94 Vtec is a great car to use early in the game, it's reasonable priced but still powerful. Don't forget to get the most out of it by upgrading the car and adding stuff. It should be really useful early in the game while you are building up your cash.

Another great starter car is the Toyota MA70Supra. It's fast but not as easy to handle watch it doesn't spin out and don't overspin the back wheels.

Unlock High Resolution Option

Get to play Gran Turismo in a higher resolution with this unlock. You can either complete all arcade mode tracks on the hard difficulty setting or get yourself the International A license and win all gour cups in the GT League.

Bonus FMV sequence

This FMV bonus sequence will take some grinding to get, but if you can win the race of all tracks, including bonus tracks and in all 3 class modes and on normal or higher difficulty, then head to Bonus Items, where you should now be able to see the Staff Video. Good luck finding it on YouTube!

Entering a race with a higher horsepower car

If you car is a little over powered for the race you want to take. Head to the test track and make some adjustments to your car to lower the HP. You should then be able to use it for the race.

Gran Turismo Cheats for GameShark and Codebreaker

If you have access to a Codebreaker or GameShark device, or are paying this game on an emulator such as the ePSXe, then here are some great Gran Turismo cheats that you can use to gain top spots in races and grab those elusive licences.

Codes can be activated by pressing the L1+L2 buttons.

High Speed Ring (A): 300816D8 0004

High Speed Ring (B): 300816D9 0004

High Speed Ring (C): 300816DA 0004

Trial Mountain (A): 300816DC 0004

Trial Mountain (B): 300816DD 0004

Trial Mountain (C): 300816DE 0004

Grand Valley (A): 300816E0 0004

Grand Valley (B): 300816E1 0004

Grand Valley (C): 300816E2 0004

Clubman Stage 5 (A): 300816E4 0004

Clubman Stage 5 (B): 300816E5 0004

Clubman Stage 5 (C): 300816E6 0004

Autumn Ring (A): 300816E8 0004

Autumn Ring (B): 300816E9 0004

Autumn Ring (C): 300816EA 0004

Deep Forest (A): 300816EC 0004

Deep Forest (B): 300816ED 0004

Deep Forest (C): 300816EE 0004

SS R5 (A): 300816F0 0004

SS R5 (B): 300816F1 0004

SS R5 (C): 300816F2 0004

Grand Valley Speedway (A): 300816F4 0004

Grand Valley Speedway (B): 300816F5 0004

Grand Valley Speedway (C): 300816F6 0004

Enter and activate one of the above codes to complete the corresponding race.

Gran Turismo Cheats for Licenses

These codes will get you various licenses in the game. Input and activate one code at a time in your emulator or GameShark to get the corresponding license.

Codes can be activated by pressing the L1+L2 buttons.

B-Class License Gold (Test 1): 3009E3B4 0003

B-Class License Gold (Test 2): 3009E3B5 0003

B-Class License Gold (Test 3): 3009E3B6 0003

B-Class License Gold (Test 4): 3009E3B7 0003

B-Class License Gold (Test 5): 3009E3B8 0003

B-Class License Gold (Test 6): 3009E3B9 0003

B-Class License Gold (Test 7): 3009E3BA 0003

B-Class License Gold (Test 8): 3009E3BB 0003

A-Class License Gold (Test 1): 3009E3BC 0003

A-Class License Gold (Test 2): 3009E3BD 0003

A-Class License Gold (Test 3): 3009E3BE 0003

A-Class License Gold (Test 4): 3009E3BF 0003

A-Class License Gold (Test 5): 3009E3C0 0003

A-Class License Gold (Test 6): 3009E3C1 0003

A-Class License Gold (Test 7): 3009E3C2 0003

A-Class License Gold (Test 8): 3009E3C3 0003

International A-Class License Gold (Test 1): 3009E3C4 0003

International A-Class License Gold (Test 2): 3009E3C5 0003

International A-Class License Gold (Test 3): 3009E3C6 0003

International A-Class License Gold (Test 4): 3009E3C7 0003

International A-Class License Gold (Test 5): 3009E3C8 0003

International A-Class License Gold (Test 6): 3009E3C9 0003

International A-Class License Gold (Test 7): 3009E3CA 0003

International A-Class License Gold (Test 8): 3009E3CB 0003

Gran Turismo Cheats for GameShark and CodeBreaker

Here are more cheats that can be used in Gran Turismo. Enter them in the cheat menu of your emulator, or on your GameShark if you are playing the original game on the PS1.

Unless otherwise stated, codes can be activated by pressing the L1+L2 buttons.

1 Billion Dollars in Simulation Mode

8009B864 CA00

8009B866 3B9A

Always Place First (Arcade Mode)

D00B6F18 0600

800B6F18 0100

Nitrous Boost - Player 1

Press R3

D00BC1C6 0004

800B6F3E 0006

D00BC1C6 0004

800B6F42 0006

Nitrous Boost - Player 2

Press R3

D00BC286 0004

800B7C72 0006

D00BC286 0004

800B7C76 0006

Cruise Control Enabled

D00D6F18 0600

300B6F18 0001

D00B6F18 0100

300B6F18 0001

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