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Galactic Nemesis Review

Galactic Nemesis Review
The App Store is literally awash with shoot em ups, and one of the main purposes of AppGamer is to sort out the good ones from the bad ones and let you know and them. Well here is one of the good 'uns.

Galactic Nemesis is an up-to-date take on the old style shmups from the 80's such as Galaxian and Galaga. While this game is similar in many respects it also keeps the action flowing much better than it's predecessors.

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The game does have a cool retro feel, I especially like the laser sounds from the spacecraft that you control in the game which transports me way back in time to memories of playing this type of game in arcades when I was a kid.

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Graphically, the game is fine, you're not buying it for how great and up to date it looks (cos it probably doesn't), buyers will be purchasing this game mainly for it's gameplay. It's a shmup, nothing more nothing less and a really good one, with no in-app purchases, you literally pay the small entry fee for the game and that's it - you gotta earn your upgrades!

All in all, it is well worth the money, it's probably not a game most people will want to play all day every day, but I can see this as a definite game to have on your device to go back to whenever you have some spare time and need some fast paced retro arcade action.

I've scored it 4/5 mainly because it is a really good game - but didn't blow me away with bells and whistles - but if it did - it probably would not be the game I wanted to play either! Hope that makes sense...
4.0 / 5.0
review by Rich | May 14th 2015

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