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Review by GuestApr 25th 2021
Ok enough game, some levels rather boring. In general a lot like candy crush and similar games, except you get to dress aquariums and fill them with fish.
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Review by GuestMar 23rd 2021
I really enjoy it! I am stumped at the moments.
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Review by KennylovestunaJan 24th 2021
Love this game. Have downloaded it on every device.
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Review by GuestDec 9th 2020
I love the game but sometimes it is hard to figure out how to do something. I know I have rewards waiting to be claimed, but I cannot find out how to do that.
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Review by GuestOct 30th 2020
I don't want to play fishdom through facebook, so after a game, I have to wait for it to reload again. This is infuriating! Other than that, I love the game.
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Review by GuestSep 20th 2020
Fishdom is now ALL about you spending money. You used to be able to be on Facebook and have Fishdom Friends Forever that would give you lives. They removed that about two months ago and push you into inviting Facebook friends or messenger friends to play. Ometimes they send out unsolicited messages (marked from you) to your %Facebook friends to get them to play, which is horrible. Now you have to BUY lives because they will only acknowledge the old system of your Facebook Friends if you 1. Give them your email address and start trying to access "lives" from your personal email 2. Give them your UP address to your computer!! I spent lots of money on this game and I've had it. The Treasure chest prizes teams play for are very high scores that are nearly impossible to achieve without all thirty members playing continuously for three days. If your team wins, instead of giving prizes to everyone, they withhold prizes from team members who didn't play to punish them. The prizes are pretty underwhelming but nevertheless it is mean spirited on the company's behalf and quite petty. I will no longer recommend others to plah, or play myself.
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Review by GuestSep 2nd 2020
Addictive game
A bit Expensive
Would like additional ways to get free diamonds.
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Review by GuestApr 22nd 2020
Love it, but very hard level seems impossible without buying extra stuff
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Review by GuestJan 21st 2020
The game is very different than advertised when downloading.

I thought I would download a game where I wood have to pull out sticks and let water into chambers in the right order. This game is nothing like advertised.
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Review by GuestSep 4th 2019
I have enjoyed playing. It is a great "escape" everyday!
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Review by GuestAug 6th 2018
Love the game! I just wish earning diamonds was easier
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Review by GuestMar 1st 2018
Great game but gets very hard and being on a fixed income can't really spend extra money to play

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Review by GuestNov 14th 2017
I love the game but I need some friends to play game with.
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