Farm Heroes Saga

Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips
Farm Heroes Saga Guide


  • This game is more of a puzzle game than a Candy Crush clone. Many of the levels have specific ways to solve the puzzles and if you find yourself stuck, there is a good chance a video will help you through! But also sometimes not....

  • Make three matches next to flowers to make them bloom

  • Make three matches next to buckets to make raindrops

  • Raindrops assume the position of any veggie randomly, so that can be kind of terrible.

  • Dirty veggies can be cleaned from the Washer booster or green grass. A five veggie combo with a dirty veggie will not remove all of the veggies from the board.

  • Combos in this game increase the point value of nearby veggies instead of clearing them like in the Candy games.

  • Ice blocks can only be broken by a three veggie match. When the ice is broken, the veggies not in ice will disappear, but the previously frozen veggie will remain.


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