Evoker: Magic Card Game (TCG)

Tips and Hints

Tips and Hints
Evoker: Magic Card Game (TCG) Guide

1. Focus on Five

Five cards will take on the role of being your frontliners in battle. Make sure to focus on strengthening cards that will more likely contain the following: High HP (in comparison to the opponents in the area), damage dealers, enables multiple directions of attack and passive support abilities. The rest, you could either sell or sacrifice for fusing or training of other cards.

2. Missing puzzle pieces

Stronger varieties of cards are most often rewarded as fractions of the whole card. In which, you will have to collect all fractions thereof to acquire the real card. To acquire these pieces, you may opt to fight other players that have the fractions of the card by buying missing pieces with gems or by fighting random battles in the map until you get the other pieces required. Take note of course that the uncompleted pieces you may have can be stolen by other players who can and may defeat you and your card line-up even while you are offline.

3. Fuse for higher power
It is wise to fuse two similar cards to generate a higher/evolved form of that card. Doing this magnifies both Health Points and Attack power. It is possible to evolve a card up to five times. A sample below should help explain the mechanics.

Eg. Rune Smith (Level 1) + Rune Smith (Level 1) = Rune Smith (Level 2)
To produce a Level 3, you must put together two Level 2 cards.
Same goes for producing Level 4 and Level 5 cards.

4. Spend time at the tournaments

You will gain several benefits in taking part of a tournament. Regardless if you win or lose a match, you will surely gain something from it. Whenever you win a battle, you are often rewarded with potions to regenerate move points or mana points or sometimes even cards. Losing from a more powerful opponent on the other hand will grant you massive experience points. So either way, it’s somewhat a win-win situation. Experience counts after all!

5. Harder Missions brings forth better cards

Don’t get stuck up on your cards. It is most likely to get better cards by mid-game (A hint that you are already in mid-game is when you actually run out of move points easily). The harder it is to defeat your opponent, the better set of cards it is more likely to give.

6. Go back to Easier missions

Spending time to re-do a mission will easily reward you with cards. It is easier to produce a multiple copies of the same cards this way. Fuse them together until it reaches Level 5. This is a simple and more efficient way of earning stronger cards.

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