Empire: Age of Knights

Empire: Age of Knights Guide

Empire: Age of Knights Guide


Welcome to our Empire: Age of Knights guide. Age of Knights is another game in the Empire series of games from GoodGames, so if you are familiar with those, then basically the gameplay is along a similar line. You control a castle base, you need gather resources, collect heroes, and battle Orcs - And this guide aims to help you out with some tips on how to play the game.

Getting Started

The initial stages are very easy, just follow the quests by tapping the the red book in the bottom left corner of the game. Each task has a Show Me option which will take you directly to the task you need to do to complete the quest.

Completing Quests is really important as it gives you experience points and other goodies to help you become more powerful in the game.

As well as Quests, there is the wagon icon in the bottom left of the game screen too, when it has a green tick you can then deliver goods to other Cities and get rewards in return which are useful in upgrading elements in your game such as the market.

Unlocking Heroes

Unlock New Heroes
Unlock New Heroes

You can unlock more heroes in the game by battling certain Orc camps. If you check the Orc camps near your base sometimes there will be a hero that you can unlock if you defeat the Orc camp.

Battling Orcs at Orc Camps
Battling Orcs at Orc Camps

Increasing Your Levels

Level Up
Level Up

It's really important to keep increasing your levels, this way you'll unlock more in-game features and opportunities to play different parts of the games. Alliances are unlocked at level 9. More space for your base because available as you progress through the levels as well.

Upgrading The Keep

Keep an eye on The Keep, it's the most important building in the game. But it's not always upgradable. Keep advancing your levels and take the opportunity to upgrade The Keep as soon as you are able to.

The Keep determines the construction speed in your castle and how many units you can have. It provides a home for some of your workers and also some storage space.

Moving Your Buildings

Once you have placed your buildings on the map, you may not be able to fit in certain new buildings, you can move your original buildings around by tapping them, then holding down on the tap, you should then be able to drag your selected building around.


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