Dragon Hills

Hints & Tips

Hints & Tips
Dragon Hills Guide

The first thing to get used to in this game is the mechanic for Jumping.

To jump- dive underground by tapping and release to jump up.

Travel time underground is limited to 10 seconds before losing HP.

Your HP and Attack can be upgraded for in-game coins.

Every time you see a red exclamation point, that means something is in the playing field that can hurt you.

Arrows can only hurt you if they land on you.
Lances can only hurt you if they land on you.
The Spiked Shields can hurt you if the warrior is in position and you hit him either on top or underneath. Hitting him from underground is fine.
The axes that the end boss knight throws will hurt you if you hit them. They stick in the ground and cause damage.
The Spiked Guards will hurt you from above and below.

The rocks will become projectiles and help clear your path if you knock them loose.

You earn an extra coin for collecting all of the coins in an arc.


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