Dark Chess Cat

Dark Chess Cat

Version: 5.0 | Terry Lao

Regular rule
Capture order:
帥,將 > 士, 仕 > 相, 象 > 車,俥 > 傌,馬 > 包,炮 > 兵,卒。
same order chess can capture each other.
1. 兵,卒>將,帥。
2. 包,炮 can capture all others enemy but the must a chess(flipped or not flip) between, and no distance limit
3. 包,炮 cannot can capture enemy that beside.

1. move a chess to beside block
2. or capture a chess beside block
3. or flip a piece

Win: capture all enemy's piece
Draw: X steps moves(no capture and no flip)

1. Single Play.
2. Double Play with one Android.
3. Double Play cross Bluetooth.
4. very good AI
5. 2 level AI
6. 20 non flip and non capture step, draw game check.
7. Bluetooth auto searching and connect system. this let you search the nearby device and then auto connect to them for double playing.
8. Game Result Recording.
9. forbidden move
10. Undo move
11. Draw move setting
12. Draw game request

Focus on Good AI and better play when long journey.

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