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Fast Food at a Feverish Pace!

Fast Food at a Feverish Pace!

The gaming world is full of free-to-download, and free-to-play app/games these days - in fact it is also full of free-to-download, and free-to-play cooking-themed app/games these days, so if a game is going to make its mark and set itself apart, it has to have something special to offer!

The basic theme and game play mechanics are a familiar mixture because there is only so much you can do in terms of unique mechanics for a food stand game. In Cooking Fever the focus begins with your basic burger counter - you've got a single pan and burner to cook on, and a single rather slow soda fountain from which to serve drinks...

The trick - as it usually is - is to fill orders as fast as you can - speed is king because the faster you serve each customer, the more customers you can serve in the allotted time! That and of course the better your tips will be and the more profitable your restaurant.

As you hit your goals in terms of volume and service you unlock more pans and burners, and you can take your profits and pile them back into the restaurant, expanding your soda fountain, pans and burners, tabletop, and so on. Simple enough, right?

Of course it is simple - that is what all of the games in this genre offer! But Cooking Fever diverges from that path in several ways - starting with appearance and branding, convenience and entertainment. A sort of big-picture view that adds levels of complexity and challenge to the restaurant scene!

The game is free-to-download and free-to-play, its revenue stream being primarily supported through a combination of discrete advertising and IAP , though the latter is fairly aggressive for this sort of app/game.

So what does your money get you? Packages of .99 cents @ 2,500c or x10 Gems / $2.99 @ 8,000c or x35Gems / $4.99 @ 15,000c or x60 Gems / $9.99 @ 35,000c or x125 Gems and $19.99 @ 100,000c or x300 Gems. So what is the difference between Coins and Gems??

Coins are used for the regular upgrades, while a combination of Couns and Gems ae used for the special upgrades - and special is really anything that allows you to offer new and added convenience and dishes.

Part of the attraction of Cooking Fever is its combination of predictable game play mechanics combined with an unexpected range that includes Achievements that also deliver added XP and income,

As the levels progress so too does the pressure that the player faces, but the prefect performance, and order accuracy that allows you not to lose any customers also delivers the bonuses that allow you to continuously upgrade and shape your restaurant so that it projects the image you choose for it - and that is what sets Cooking Fever apart and gives it its edge!

The graphical world, while not over-the-top in terms of its cartoon-like goodness, has just enough of that fantasy slant so at to boost its entertainment value. It doesn't hurt at all that the official Game Center Achievements scheme (as opposed to the in-game Achievements which are completely different) includes tracking your customers by appearance.

The variety of fun - and funny - Game Center Achievements include client counts and tip tracking, but also feature Achievements for keeping clients with mustaches happy!

Among the unique extras that the graphical world includes - in addition to the fairly complex depth to your restaurant design and appearance is a spot-on translation of customer moods in facial expressions and body language, providing the sort of covert hints you need to hint at where to focus your upgrades in the future - once you learn to read the customer moods and associate them with your performace - or lack thereof.

The game features an upbeat background music as well as a customer tempo that communicates the general mood at the counter, and the sound FX are spot-on to the measure that you almost believe that sausage dog really is burning.

Cooking Fever offers the sort of mindless fast-paced pressure-style game play that is loads of fun under the right circumstances.. For the higher levels it offers just the right length of play to keep the bite-sized gamer happy, while offering longevity in terms of continuous play (and rewards the player for that with Achievements) if that is your preferred style of play.

The wizards at Nordcurrent made a fair attempt at being all things to all fans of the cooking game genre, and we think that they succeeded - and considering the competition in this genre that is saying something!

3.5 / 5.0
Review by CMBF | Dec 16th 2014

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Review by GuestNov 30th 2021

I enjoy having to work through and build up levels and buy things to make it easier to do for each level, but sometimes it takes too long to get gems. The graphics are really cool and slick, but I don’t think this is the best it could be. One flaw is that when spinning on the wheel to get free gems, it never gives you more than the three single gems for 15 total if you spend $500, but they always have two gem and three gem pictures that you never seem to get three to match

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Review by GuestApr 15th 2021

It's pretty good. For being a free play you don't have to spend to win which is nice. Just play smart and everything works. I've spent some money just because I've been playing so long that I felt I should give the devs something for their work

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Review by GuestJan 23rd 2021

For the most part I enjoy Cooking Fever. You do have to upgrade your restaurant to keep moving up, but that’s what the games is about. Have never spends any of my own money to get gems, just log in everyday to get the gems and collect coins, then go to casino and try for 15 gems.

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Review by GuestNov 26th 2020

Great game, great time spender, great brain user

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Review by GuestOct 19th 2020

Awesome! You get so pressured when your up to some levels.

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Review by GuestJul 26th 2020

I was absolutely loving the game until on the pizzeria restaurant, all the customers walk away before I can serve them and get the correct coin requirement for at least 1 star. I play correctly, not losing any customers, until randomly half way through the level, the customers all walk away and it says I failed the level. I really don’t know why this is, please fix it and I would give a 5 star review.

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Review by GuestMay 19th 2020

It is the best game I have ever played am just so addicted to it.

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Review by GuestMay 6th 2020

Just getting started but pretty fun so far.

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Review by SmurfinApr 5th 2020

I love the game. Keeps me on my toes. I love working hard and in this case with the game I really enjoy being under pressure to cook the serve the customers.

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Review by GuestMar 28th 2020

I love the game but it is defective. when I have a cooked hot dog it won't let me serve it to the customer. The customer rejects it. It not because it doesn't have a hot dog in the bun if that's what you think may be happening. I can't win if the game cheats. I would give 4 stars if it functioned correctly

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Review by GuestNov 22nd 2019

This game sucks. It never gives you diamonds. I've gone days now trying.50000 -75000 dollars with no diamonds. Today I started with 40000 more and spun all the way to 0,and decided if no diamonds to be able to go to next level or game or improve something I would be done. Well no diamonds and now I will delete this game and not wast my time any more!

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Review by GuestNov 9th 2019

I had all the shops 250000 chips and so many diamonds all has gone ive now been put on one shop I spend money on this game regular so ive wasted my money and think of going to trading standards because i have spent so much money to get where i was , nearly 80 .00 worth of chips plus the cost ive spent m rip off merchants if they do not sort out

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Review by GuestAug 1st 2019

You need a massive amount of gems to progress, but it is supremely difficult to get enough to make a decent amount of progress. Instead of just being able to use your accumulated coins to get gems, you have to keep playing the rigged and extremely annoying casino.

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Review by GuestApr 28th 2019

You need to tap a lot of times to grab/touch item. It could contain a larger area or clicking

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Review by GuestApr 26th 2015

Well it's a great game but I have a fast device and it can take forever loading at times. But all and all its good. If yuo don't has a fast device I wouldn't recommend it.

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