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Game Play Tips
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The key to your runs on color switch has got to be practice, and luck.. and some more luck. But here are some top tips we have gathered together to give you an edge when you play.

Patience is key

Unless you are attempting a timed / race mode you have no need to rush your way through the obstacles. When you can make sure you are checking out the obstacles ahead and the paths you need to take before moving on.

Of course you need to keep yourself clear of any danger first though.

Get free stars

Look out for the opportunities to get the free stars in the game. From the random daily challenge level and the twice-daily wheel spin for a random chance at a load of free stars.

There is also an option to watch video ads to get 30 stars at a time if you have the time to spare.

Stop the music

Unless you like the tunes you get with the game that can prove a distraction and may get you tapping to a beat that doesn't fit the pace of play you need to get past each section. Try the game with and without but we think you might find it easier to flow without the music.

Get your tapping strategy down

One thumb, two thumbs, finger with the phone on the table. Whatever your prefered choice find it and stick to it. Take a rest if yo need to before a run, but switching while you play is going to put you off your stride and set you back.

Learn the levels but don't rely on timing

The main layout of a level will remain the same but each time you restart the colors presented will be different meaning that following a practiced sequence of taps or a planned timing of your run will not work. You need to be familiar with the layouts but you cannot rely on memorizing your moves.

Avoid the fancy icons

While it's fun to collect those cool looking balls and icons it definitely feels like getting some of them through the gaps and past the moving barriers can be more difficult that the simple ones. It may be just an illusion but stick with what seems easiest to use.

Jump mode is good to get you started

If you just want to practice the game and learn to avoid the obstacles then you can play the jump mode. Jump through the levels from safe point to safe point and check out the color switching timing needed to take on the other game modes.

If you have any more hints and tips for this game feel free to add them in the comments below or send them in to us to add here.


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