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Boom Pilot

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Version: 1.0.1 | 4+

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Boom Pilot is a pretty cool shoot em up. What stood out for me immediately when playing the game was the controls. I love this genre, it plays fantastically in the arcades, but often the translation to mobile devices does not work so well (eg Raiden). Boom Pilot however gives you great control of your plane in the game and it's a great start to a really enjoyable casual shoot em up. We've put together a few Boom Pilot tips below to help you in the game.

Boom Pilot Tips
Boom Pilot Tips

Boom Pilot Tips

Upgrade When you can
Make your little plane better with upgrades, look our for more lives, and more damage and increased critical hits. My favourite one to upgrade is more lives, however it's a good idea to upgrade all three as the more you upgrade an individual one, the more expensive upgrades become.

Open your Free Chests
Every game these days seem to have free chests! Boom Pilot is no different. Check out the chest icon and look out for when you can open it for a small prize.

Unlock new planes
New planes offer new strengths and abilities, make enough in game coins to be able to unlock these new planes.

Unlock New Planes in the Hangar
Unlock New Planes in the Hangar

Look Out for Boosts
There are plenty of boosts to be found in the game. Look out for these, and collect them, then use them quite quickly as you can only have one boost on your plane at a time. If you collect another the other one you were holding onto will vanish.

It's often the case that an impossible looking section in the game will often only be able to be completed if you unlock a boost to help you through. For example the Freeze boost, will stop everything so you can get past a tricky part in the game.

Shoot the TNT
Shoot the TNT boxes to blow up loads of stuff around it, including metal boxes, that normally you cannot destroy.

Good luck in the game, we found it to be really fun, with great controls which made the game really enjoyable.

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