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Review by GuestMay 19th 2021
It is a good game just frustrated because I can’t get all the ingredients I need to go on
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Review by GuestApr 7th 2021
Love the game, love playing, was just wondering how I can get the trivia for credits.
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Review by GuestDec 9th 2020
I love ♥️ this game! As a matter of fact, I removed the other 2 Bingo games I had on here! I don't get a chance to play as often because of obligations now, but THIS is definitely My Game of Choice! ..I can only hope to get my over 4000 coins back, that were somehow lost. I don't understand why it started me over?
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Review by GuestNov 18th 2020
Very expensive game to play never get enough bingo credits after winning even if you get 1st place. Pop ups once you enter the game 3 or 4 different pop ups. This game needs to be more generous I'm over this game.
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Review by GuestOct 1st 2020
Blitz is pretty good about sharing, but the people aren’t. They still complain and make fun of people who trade or lend a hand. The game is all about needing friends to add and share with. I give and give but very few times will I find a surprise waiting for me. But I keep playing until
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Review by GuestAug 11th 2020
I love the game been playing for 9 years. Rarely have trouble however th I morning had over 200 credits so splurged & boosted cards. Mistake so only played 2 games & done. Thank you
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Review by GuestJul 26th 2020
I enjoy it very much! It's exciting and games start quickly.
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Review by GuestJun 6th 2020
I love this game I play every day for the past 9 months.
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