Bike Race Free - Top Free Game

Bike Race Free - Top Free Game

Find Your Inner Acrobat with Bike Race

Have you ever thought of performing a mid-air flipping bike stunt of your own? If your safety is the only thing inhibiting you from trying, then welcome to the world of Bike Race.

Bike Race is a side scrolling physics game, developed by Top Free Games and is free for download on both Android and iOS platforms, that is intended to feed your inner acrobat’s desire to perform. Although the actual goal of the game is to reach a specified finish line in one piece, you just can’t help but maneuver your bike to perform those insane stunts and rollovers during each and every mid-air launch.

The game houses two modes of play—the single player and the multiplayer. The single player mode is the outright choice if you're just starting up and are trying to hone those competitive bike stunts and skills. The multiplayer mode on the other hand is where you get to compete with other several online players ranging from amateurs to pros.

The meat of the game is the actual grinding you perform not only to survive a stage unharmed but to fashionably accomplish it in record time as well. The game shares similar input controls like that of Hill Climb Racing and MX Motocross. Controls that includes tilting of your device for performing wheelies, front and back flips, and an on-screen accelerate and brake buttons. Be wary though because as simple as it may sound, starting off could really drive a wedge between you and your game before you even get the hang of it.
The single player mode offers a dozen of race locations in which you gradually unlock as you progress by accomplishing all the levels or tracks of a current location. Your performance in these tracks are rated with one to three stars. One for barely getting by the stage and two to three stars for beating the stage with a minimum amount of specified goal time.

The key is to familiarize every nook and cranny of a stage in order to put together somewhat of a drive/game plan. This includes proper timing of brakes, knowing when to boost up for a launch, and angling your bike for landing and avoiding hazardous walls and pit falls--like putting up a set of insane choreography for an outrageously deadly stunt. But the good part is that you won't have to worry about the number of trials and dry-runs. You could have yourself crash to bits and pieces as many times as you can and re-do a stage as many times to trim down your goal time and die laughing along the way.

Despite the necessary repetition and the frustrating challenges the game presents, it simply is the exact addicting charm of the game - to make anyone, playing the game, a glutton for punishment. And after feeling discouraged to play from a horrid failure of attempts, you'll easily find yourself playing it back in a few minutes time.

Like any likeable game out there, it doesn't come without a flaw. For one thing, it’s overly simplistic lines that represents the track, for me, is a letdown. Despite having a decent background, putting up the whole game scene with merely streaks of lines for the track just doesn't cut it--seems like a lack of effort went into polishing its appearance as a whole. Another issue is with the pushy purchase offers of recommended bikes, which are another problem for being outrageously priced. But let’s just keep it at that. These types of free games are understandably funded from the in-app-purchases they promote so we may probably just go ahead and support the developers in that way.

To be fair, at the very least, the game is highly addictive and is still super enjoyable despite the few flaws it may have and it can easily be recommended for those that are a sucker for physics based side-scrolling challenges as an addition to the few collection of this type of games.

3.8 / 5.0
review by Private | Feb 28th 2015

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