Basketball Dunk Tournament

Basketball Dunk Tournament

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Version: 2.1.0 | Everyone

Basketball Dunk Tournament subversion of the traditional basketball game, bring you the ultimate real game experience!

Walk, steal, dunk, block, the real game of all operations can be done here!

Lead your team constantly challenge powerful opponents, dominate all professional league, create your own legend!

Game Features:
◆ 30 NBA strong teams, there are two mysterious team waiting for you to unlock;
◆ Android 4.0 above all the devices can play this game;
◆ Generous reward system, to complete the challenge, achievement, or continuous login game, you can get rewards;
◆ 3 kinds of game modes: fast game, basketball challenge, league mode;
◆ Time reward system, log in to the game, every five minutes can get a reward;
◆ No WiFi, no problem.

◆ Slide the left direction button on the screen, you can control the role of moving around;
◆ Click the pass button in the lower right corner of the screen to pass, or switch control roles;
◆ Click the shoot button in the lower right corner of the screen to shoot, or steal, cap;
◆ Click the arrow keys and press the shoot button, you can dunk when near the basket.

Basketball Dunk Tournament is definitely the most fun sports game you have ever played, come and download the game now!
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