Attack on Titan Levi and Mikasa in Fornite Shop

By Richard Gardner | Apr 9th 2023

In another Attack on Titan collab, Fortnite fans can expect to see Levi and Mikasa enter the Fortnite shop sometime after Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 commences on April 11, 2023.

Attack on Titan Levi and Mikasa in Fornite Shop
Attack on Titan Levi and Mikasa in Fornite Shop

Heres the low down direct from Fortnite's official Twitter account...

Attack on Titan Levi and Mikasa in Fornite Shop

While we already new about Eren Jaeger as the Battle Pass 'secret skin', we had no idea that Levia and Mikasa would also be available in the Fortnite shop too. Players can expect to pay around 1600 V-Bucks for each skin, although this estimate is based on previous pricing patterns for other colab characters. More characters from Attack on Titan may also arrive and so could bundles too, so watch out for these in the Fortnite shop.

With this being the final season of Attack on Titan, there may well be other opportunities to purchase these character skins later in the year, we'll just have to see how this latest colab works out.

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