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Angry Birds Stella POP!
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Tips and Tricks
Angry Birds Stella POP! Guide


Here are some quick tips and tricks for Angry Birds Stella POP! There is not much really tips I can provide since breaking down each and every level (more than a hundred) will probably rob you with all the fun and all the reasons to play the game.

1.) Aim for the...Kill?

Be sure to hit the higher placed balloons instead of the low hanging ones. There are more chances of winning the level in trying to pull down the entire structure from above than from below. There is a bubble marker that will tell you which place should your bubble land.

2.) Ammunition Nation

You can actually change what color of the bubble you're going to shoot. There is a two-bubble queue, the one's you are currently equipped, and the ones that's coming up next. You can't take the replaced one back, but at least you can pull a move that will be right for that certain situation.

3.) Friends are Family

Stella and her friends are use special power-ups, they are the keys to coming out of the party with a great record, probably three-star. Stella uses the Power Pop, you are going to get introduced to it in the first few levels, Stella's power blows up an area. Stella has the power to change the color of the bubbles / balloons. So whoever is available, make use of them, just like what you do with your friends in real life.

4.) Unused has High Value

There is a reason why you should always, always, finish the levels with the least number of balloons / bubbles thrown in into the fray. They are worth a lot of points that will fill the entire pop meter. The pop meter is the key to three-star ratings.

5.) Friends are Family Part II

You know what? The gold coins are not gained in any manner other than buying them. There is another way, though, you can just ask from your friends to give you more coins, more coins is equal to more lives. The more friends who cooperate, the better. If this fails, you are better off with better friends, or better skills.

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