It's a cell-eat-cell world is an arcade-style online multiplayer game where you play as a microscopic cell placed in the sea of online players. You only have one objective in mind: get larger and become the dominant cell for as long as you can. You start off as a teeny weeny cell. You have to absorb more particles lying around the area to build mass and increase your size while avoiding yourself from getting absorbed by other players. The actual field has an invisible border but the area is large enough for player cells of all sizes to play around.

Your cell's size has direct effect to its speed. As it grows bigger, it will become slower. This makes sense since smaller cells can defend themselves by running out of the way of the bigger cell. There are also neutral green masses scattered in the screen where smaller cells can go into and hide. However, if you're a large cell and attempt to hide or just collide to that mass, your cell will be scattered to several smaller pieces, making you vulnerable from any nearby larger cells.

There are two functions you can do once your cell gains enough mass and becomes bigger. Once is splitting – a method where your cell splits into two, four or multiple pieces. You'll need to use this function for both attacking and surviving. If you're in an area with lots of particles and less enemies, splitting is the best way to collect those particles faster. Splitting is also a good way to trap those pesky, elusive smaller cells. For defense, splitting lets you sacrifice a portion of your cell, making the attacker a bit larger (and slower) while making you smaller and faster. Avoid splitting when surrounded by several smaller cells though; dividing yourself in smaller chunks makes it easier for them to absorb your portions and use it against you.

Shooting is basically instantly sending a portion of your main cell to absorb the target cell. Make sure that the target cell is significantly smaller than the portion you'll send or it will get absorbed by the target instead. The size you'll release is proportionate to your main body. Still, use this with proper timing and discretion.

The game's online capability is basic so don't expect things like matchmaking, private games, finding friends, in-game chat, etc. However, the game's charm probably lies in its simple yet engaging mechanics while incorporating an online-multiplayer infrastructure. Since you're playing with other players, you'll have to keep on your toes. If your cell is absorbed, it will take only a few seconds to respawn and try again. There are no fixed patterns and you have to be constantly on a look out for other players who want to absorb you.

That aside, the game isn't entirely safe from the bane of any online game: lag. The game seem to suffer from horrible lag even if you have a good internet connection. It may be caused by other factors like the number of players playing at the same time, server latency, or possibly somewhere in between. Based on experience while playing the game, I only have a few memorable times that I was able to play seamlessly compared to the number of times my cell gets absorbed even before I move.

Another awful thing that disappoints me about this game is the annoying video ads that will sometimes make you wait before you can cancel them. These ads appear only when you're game over but they appear in a frequency that will annoy the heck out of you. Since the game's online, you can't turn off your connection to prevent these ads from even triggering.

We can't really say that much about the game's visuals and sounds since they're not gonna play a major role in evaluating a simple game like The game's compact and somewhat addicting but the issue with lag and ads will surely keep a lot of players from keeping it installed on their devices. Give the game a try; if you don't mind the ads and you don't have issues with lag, then this game will be great for passing time.

4.0 / 5.0
review by vhayste | Sep 22nd 2015

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