Valor Legends: Eternity

Valor Legends: Eternity Tier List

by vhaysteSep 27th 2021
Valor Legends: Eternity Tier ListValor Legends: Eternity is a strategic idle game developed and published by Century Games for the Android and iOS platforms.The game was just recently released globally this September 14. Players can collect and manage teams of heroes to fight the Shadow Forces and embark on an adventure in the Oasis. In our Valor Legends: Eternity Tier List guide, we will cover which characters/units are worth considering building and investing on to help you clear the game's content.

Please be reminded that Tier Lists are not “definite” measures of the character’s strength and potential. There are a lot of factors to be considered like the characters’ availability, their synergy with your team, their utility, equipment, etc. As such, please use our tier lists as what they’re meant to be - a guide. Use tier lists to help you decide whether you’ll want to invest resources and time to build a character. At the end of the day, it’s you who will decide which ones you’ll use based on preference and performance .

The game has 5 classes which represent the hero’s role and kit, as listed below:
Warrior (Strength) - Tank
Mage (Wisdom) - Magic DPS
Priest (Wisdom) - Healers/ Support
Ranger (Agility) - Ranged DPS
Assassin (Agility) - Melee DPS

Each hero also belongs to one of the five factions. These factions will have advantage and disadvantage to other factions, as listed below:
* Legion > Forest
* Forest > Undead
* Undead > Legion
* Light <> Shadow (Strong and weak against each other)
* Shadow <> Light (Strong and weak against each other)

Since each class has a particular role to fill in, we’ll have separate tier lists for each class. Also, we’ll only cover the top two tiers (S and A tiers) since they’re the ones that really matter in terms of performance and utility. Aside from the classes, we’ll also consider the roles of the heroes since some heroes will excel tremendously in the PvP arena while others decimate opponents in PvE.

One factor we also need to consider is a hero’s viability in the entire game. This is because some heroes can excel early on but as you progress in the game, some will be left behind and won’t be practical to keep upgrading in the mid or late game.

Credit goes to JuniorRun, KeZz & Apans Kaffekopp for superb spreadsheets highlighting these heroes.

Warrior Tier List

Warriors are frontline units that specialize in soaking damage. While they don’t deal exceptional damage, their survivability makes up for it.

Lionel is very tanky and will remain relevant even until late game PvE, thanks to his Invincibility. He can also heal himself based on the damage. He also has a good crowd control taunt, making him even more effective in handling multiple enemies.

Eric has a reliable shield and can heal an ally up to 40% of his Max HP. He also becomes more resilient the lower his HP becomes though in late game PvE, this will work against him since he’s more likely to get killed quickly before he can be fully utilized. He’s a top pick for PvP as well.

Similar to Eric but considered generally weaker, Cardelin has a self-healing ability and reliable shield. Late game PvE is a challenge for Cardelin since he’s more likely to get killed quickly before he can be fully utilized. In some situations, his self-revive ability can bring more utility to the table.

Ranger Tier List

Heroes under this class are capable of unleashing a barrage of attacks at a distance. They’re a reliable source of consistent damage.

This hero can hit the opponent’s backline with his ult while also debuffing their ATK. He has the capability to shoot stun arrows and %HP arrows at 50% chance each with his skills.

This can deal exceptional damage and can be used to counter hard-to-kill units like Lionel in PvP. She’s almost the same strength as Felix so you can use either of them to fill each other’s roles.

This unit boasts a really high damage output with his ult, which is like a two-part attack. He’ll use his second skill right after using his ult which deals massive damage and can also stun the target.

Assassin Tier List

Assassins have extremely powerful single-target attacks but at the cost of low survivability. They’ll prioritize targeting heroes in the backline of the enemy’s formation.

This hero has a lot of self-sufficient skills like self-healing, auto-revive, energy siphon, and other sel-buffs while also having amazing AoE damage for great crowd control.

True to his class, Garr is capable of using invisibility and dropping aggro, allowing him to sneak behind enemy lines properly. He’s also capable of releasing a powerful AoE attack if needed, while having access to skills that drain energy and heal himself.

Mage Tier List

Mages excel in crowd control and ranged magic DPS. However, their damage output is not as powerful as the DPS-focused classes like rangers and assassins.

An outstanding mage that’s viable to almost all game modes, thanks to his high damage output while also debuffing the enemy’s attack speed. He also have the ability to prevent enemies from healing and if ever he gets taken out, he takes along another enemy with him.

A straightforward DPS mage that has very good damage and crowd control capabilities. His potential is limited by his stats and equipment.

An interesting mage that can heal, provide team-wide buffs, dispel debuffs, and still manage to deal high damage via his powerful ult.

Priest Tier List

Priests excel at healing and providing support to allies. As such, they have really low damage but they can definitely perform their assigned role very well.

An outstanding Priest who can heal every ally while buffing their ATK speed and removing all enemy buffs. Her second ability reduces the DMG taken by allies and removes all debuffs. Furthermore, she also gives energy to all nearby allies. With all these multiple support effects, having her in your team can be a game changer.

An amazing priest with the standard/expected kit. She has great heals and will provide Regen to allies. She also has access to a revive ability, making her viable to almost any gamemode where priests are relevant.
This hero can actively heal all members and will dispel all debuffs periodically. She can also increase the ATK of one ally through her second skill. Her last skill allows her to heal critically injured allies while also boosting their skill damage.

An amazing all-around priest that has a good balance of skills that can deal damage, grant crowd control immunity to an ally, heal the full team, and other support skills.


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