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Sandship Crafting Factory is an incredible Assembly Line type game which is graphically outstanding and complicated enough to keep the interest of hardened Assembly Liners as well as being informative enough in the beginning stages to hold the hand of newbies to this genre to get them up and running in the game. Below we have put together some Sandship Cheats and Tips to help you get started in the game.

Sandship Cheats and Tips

These cheats and tips are aimed at beginners to the genre and beginners to the game. We are currently putting together a Sandship Walkthrough and Guide which will cover the game in more detail.

Play the Tutorial
The best thing you can do at the beginning of the game is play through the tutorial, while the game is not overly complicated, getting to grips with the game from the very beginning is advisable and you are more likely to stick with it.

Play Through the Quests
Not sure what to do next? Check the red exclamation mark icons on the menu to see what you can do next.

Keep Producing Items
It's important to keep your crafting factory running so you have enough of the materials that you may need to fulfill contracts that you currently have and that you may have in the future. Much better to try to anticipate what you may need from future contracts and produce some of those items. It's better to produce a variety of items to prepare for contracts, and not just 1,000's of the same thing.

Fulfil Contracts
It's really important that you complete contracts to get special items, XP and more coins. You can find out what contracts you have available to complete by tapping the small triangular icon from the menu on the left of the game. As you progress then contracts get more complicated, take more time to fulfil, but the rewards get better!

Research is conducted at the icon that looks like an lab tube with a settings cog, at the beginning, just complete the research as soon as it comes up because it will unlock the new items that you need to complete higher value contracts and new quests as you progress through the game. Later in the game you will get research choices, read thorugh your options and select the research that you need to complete any current contracts or quests. Although you will have to complete all researches eventually, research takes time and resources so picking the right order when you have a choice is important.

Make sure everything is facing the correct way
I got caught out with this one, and while it is easy to spot the belts not facing the right way, it's also essential that your machines are facing the right way too, to accept the material and then output it to the next stage. If you are seeing your belts backing up and items not going into the machine. It could be two reasons, the items are too hot or too cold, or the machine is not facing the right way.

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