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Hints and Tips

Rocket Cars offer in-game purchases and, honestly, you do not need to buy one. The ads are not intrusive, the upgrade paths are sane, and you can get the often sought gems just by watching ad videos. However, I do recommend that you buy some coins just to show your appreciation to the developers. Rocket Cars is just so much fun. So here are some Tips and hints for this game,

1.) During the races, be sure to collect as much gold coins as possible since you cannot grind for them. You are only given five energy (races). Using up all your energy and you will not be able to play the game anymore and have to wait until it fills up. You can try changing the time of your device so that you can have them back. Personally, I think it is cheating, but no one will pass judgment on you if you do this.

2.) Just like what you should do on all racing games, put yourself in the middle of the tracks so that you can get whatever is needed and whatever pops on both sides of the tracks. This will also mean that you will not have to bump on the side of the road when it suddenly goes zig-zagging.

3.) The default speed of your upgraded car may be fast, but running on boost is still much faster. Collect all of the boost so that you can be the first in each race. The game also gives you boosts as a bonus in random times, so go get the highest level of boost as there is no point of getting the lower level boost if you can have the better one, right?

4.) Always upgrade your car. Although, you can actually win races without upgrading, it is much more difficult to pull off. Your opponents will steamroll all over you once you are in the later levels and continued to resist upgrading your car. Upgrading across the board is the better option as opposed to just focusing in one aspect. A speedy car is never effective if it takes too long ot accelerate.

5.) Watch some videos for some gems. Or just outright buy them. The game is entertaining enough, and polished enough to be a paid app anyway.


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