Colossus Legends Codes (July 2022)


Colossus Legends is a free-to-play Roblox fighting game that is inspired by anime properties such as FullMetal Alchemist, The Seven Deadly Sins, Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, and Sword Art Online.

Go on raids and claim various treasures from powerful foes as you battle your way to new heights and become the ultimate fighter in this Roblox adventure. Redeeming Colossus Legends codes will help you substantially as they give you free items and other boons.
Colossus Legends
Colossus Legends

Colossus Legends Codes

Redeem the Colossus Legends codes below to get free items such as a hat and a Lucy disguise.

STRAWHATTap to copy

Get 1 free hat

LUCYTap to copy

Get a free Lucy disguise



How to Enter Colossus Legends Codes

Redeeming Colossus Legends codes is a simple process. All you need to do is launch the game and tap the 'Codes' button on the bottom-right of the screen to bring up the code redemption window. Input the code in the area provided and click the yellow 'Submit' button that is beside it.
How to Enter Colossus Legends Codes
How to Enter Colossus Legends Codes

How to get More Colossus Legends Codes

To redeem codes in Colossus Legends, you just need to load into the game. When you get there, check the bottom-right menu for a Codes button. Press that button and get into the code redemption window. Now you can enter the codes into the box to claim your items.

How to get More Colossus Legends Codes

We add codes here as soon as they are released so be sure to check back. You can go to Scrumptious Studio, the developers of Colossus Legends or join their Discord pages and discuss the game with other players. You can also try Twitter (@beastakip) and YouTube. Make sure that you redeem the codes you find as soon as possible as there is often no indication when they expire.

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