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Pokemon GO Masterball

by AppGamerMay 16th 2023

In a mysterious tweet published in May 15, 2023 by to offical Twitter account of the game, they could be teasing the fortcoming release of the Masterball in Pokemon GO! Here is the tweet so you can check it out yourself.


Pokemon GO Masterball

While no official confirmation has been made one way or the other as to the fortcoming addition of a Masterball to the game, Twitter is on fire by fans of the game with speculation as to whether or not it will be added.

If it's not the Masterball on a image with a load of other balls, then what could it be... Certainly we think it is a another ball, but it may not be the Masterball. Reading through the replies there is still a negative vibe from fans and players of the game that have been a bit disgruntled from recent changes to the game.

Generally the vibe we get is that people will be disappointed if a new ball gets added to the game and it is only available as a paid purchase, with people basing this assumption on the recent changes that have seen the price of a Remote Raid Pass shoot up to 195 PokeCoins for one and 525 PokeCoins for three.

The feeling I get when reading through the posts on Twitter is that a lot of people are still disappointed about that change and other which is making Pokemon GO! less accessible for free to play gamers.

So, we await further development as to whether or not there will be a Masterball in Pokemon GO! And if it comes, will we have to pay for it?!?


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