Phoodle Hint Today & Answer - May 6 2023

by AppGamerMay 6th 2023

If you are stuck or need some Phoodle hints without spoilers or seeing the answer right away, then this is the right site for you. We'll do out best to give you some Phoodle hints withouth giving the word away so you can get the help you need while still enjoying completing the daily puzzle.

Of course, if you just want to know today's Phoodle answer, then we have that too further down the page, and you just have to click to reveal it.

In this Wordle inspired game based around food, Phoodle gives you 6 chances to guess their daily food related word. If you are familiar with the popular Wordle game, Phoodle basically works the same way, you get 6 guesses to find the word. Read on for today's Phoodle hints and you can reveal the answer too if you need it.

Phoodle Hint Today & Answer - May 6 2023

Phoodle Hints Today May 6th 2023

Remember, the Phoodle word today could be anything related to food and the culinary word. So that would include dish names, cooking techniques, kitchen gadgets, ingredients, and more.

Today's Hints

Vowels are A, E, I, O, U
  • Starts with a consonant
  • Ends with a consonant
  • There are no repeated letters in the word
  • The letter P appears in the word
Extra Hint

The 5th letter in the word is P

Phoodle Answer Today May 6th 2023

Here is the answer for today's Phoodle, click below too reveal it.


Phoodle Answer Yesterday May 5th 2023

Depending on your timezone you may still rquire the answer for yesterday. If so you can find hints and the answers here

How to Play Phoodle

Enter your word guess in the first row, and click enter, the game will then tell you if you got any letters right by changing the color to green, indicating that the letter is in the correct place, or yellow indicating you have the correct letter, but it is in the wrong place. If the color stays grey, then that letter is not in today's Phoodle.

When is Phoodle Updated

There is a new Phoodle word every day at 0:00 your local time.


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