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Basic Hints

Basic Hints
Pancake – The Game Guide

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The object of the game is to flip the pancake as many times as possible.

You get one flip for every time you throw the pancake and successfully catch it.

The basic method is to tap the pan to toss and hold the tap to keep the pan slanted up to catch the pancake.

The goal is to get the pancake as close to the center of the pan before tossing it.

If the pancake is flush with the outer edge of the pan when it is thrown, it will not be catch-able.

If the pancake is even slightly towards the center of the pan, it can be caught.

Let the pancake settle completely after catching it before attempting to throw it again.

If a pancake is caught with the pan in the upright position it will either slide or stick.

If it slides, drop the pan quickly before the pancake slides off of the inside edge.

If the pancake sticks flush with the outside edge or slightly towards the center and the pan is still in the upright position, flipping the pancake from the upright position without lowering the pan should result in a catch-able throw.

If the pancake sticks or slides to a position that is closer to the center of the pan than it is to the outside edge, drop the pan first to the starting position before attempting to flip it again.

A pancake that has landed hanging off of the outside edge slightly with the pan in the upright position can be shaken down back to the center position by tapping the screen a few times.

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