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Monument Valley involves ten isometric puzzles, whereby you are required to move objects on each level to create new pathways for your character, Ida, to move along. This may be as simple as moving a platform, but usually results in the level changing substantially to reveal an optical illusion that unlocks the final route through. You simply tap on the screen where you want Ida to go. Note that if she doesn't move, it's because she can't physically reach the destination, and you will have to try manipulating the environment some more to get her to go there.

You will also encounter Crows, the 'enemies' in this game. They are not strictly enemies as they can't actually hurt you, but they will block Ida's path and make it so you can't reach the destination. To get around that, you will need to put obstacles in their way to prevent them from patrolling, and allow the Princess to make it to the end.

You should explore each level as thoroughly as possible to ensure that you know all of the movable parts - only then can you begin to work out how to get Ida through it.

It truly is a very good-looking game
It truly is a very good-looking game

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