Hungry Shark Evolution

Top ten tips

Top ten tips
Hungry Shark Evolution Guide

Get Free Coins and Gems

You are able to find receive free Coins and Gems by watching trailers via the in game menu. These usually take under a minute to watch but can net you some premium currency totally free! Keep an eye on that section of the menu for new trailers and new chances to earn your rewards.

Attack from behind

Even most of the dangerous, bigger fish in Hungry Shark Evolution can be tackled from behind. This avoids their deadly teeth, and gives your shark the element of surprise. Beware, not all enemies can be eaten in this way, but it is by far the safest way to encounter any other creatures in the game.

Know your limits

When you level up your shark, you should take note of which creatures they are able to eat. This ensures you will not lose any health unnecessarily by attacking enemies that they are not able to eat.

Watch out for creatures that your shark can't eat
Watch out for creatures that your shark can't eat

Explore the map

There is only one map in Hungry Shark Evolution, but it is large. You can purchase three maps from the store. One shows you the location of your shark in relation to the rest of the map - allowing you to see potential areas that you've not yet explored. Another shows the location of all the treasure in the game world, while the final one shows you all the mission locations.

Watch out for spikes

While it can be hard sometimes to tell which creatures you are able to eat and which ones you can't, a good rule of thumb is that anything with spikes is dangerous. So avoid Pufferfish and Swordfish wherever possible!

Don't forget to boost

Some players don't realize that your sharks have the ability to boost quickly. This is done by tapping on the shark, and allows you to jump out of the water, reach greater heights, and defeat submarines (by boosting at their front). You can also use it to quickly evade dangerous fish, and more generally it adds another element of excitement to the game.

Aim for the gold fish

If you concentrate on eating the golden fish and people, you can earn far more Coins than you would otherwise get. You should focus your energy on these targets, rather than on eating the little minnows and regular fish.

Spend Gold to give your shark helpful items
Spend Gold to give your shark helpful items

Make use of the daily rewards

Log into the game once a day and find the treasure chests to claim your daily reward. This gives you much-needed bonuses and can really aid your progression in the game.

Use the Antidote and Flak Jacket

Items are not used by as many people as they should be, as they can be invaluable for keeping your shark alive. The Antidote will cure your shark if it has been poisoned, while the Flak Jacket protects against mines - one of the chief threats in the game.

Multiply Your Score

Getting a high score is one of the main reasons to keep coming back to Hungry Shark. The best way to do it is to consistently get food for your shark without too much time lapsing. Once you have a certain amount, you will get a score multiplier and possibly a gold rush - which in turn gives you an even greater multiplier.

Don't neglect the older sharks even when you have a newer one
Don't neglect the older sharks even when you have a newer one

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