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Hero Wars is an adventure based idle RPG where you collect heroes and work your way through the various levels. We've got some Hero Wars cheats and tips below to help get you started in the game.

Hero Wars Cheats

Log In Daily
You can get a daily log in reward just by loading up the game. Head over to the Daily Bonus tab to grab your daily reward and see what you can get tomorrow.

Daily Quests
Completing daily quests are a great way to get some easy rewards, and it's also a great way to generally play through the game and complete the things that you should be doing anyway in order to level up your heroes and get through the levels of this game.

Upgrade and Evolve Heroes
It's really important that you continually upgrade and evolve your favorite heroes. The best ones to focus on are the higher starred heroes which have more potential growth, but can also be harder to upgrade. Evolving your heroes will add a star to their star level.

Use up Your Energy
Energy is used to allow you participate in levels in the game, once it runs out you either need to buy some more, or wait for it to replenish over time.

It's best to remember when your energy will be full and go back into the game and use it up.

Use the Auto Button
It's much easier, especially in the early stages to just tap the auto button and have the AI control your heroes, as they whizz through the early stages of the game. As long as you remember to keep leveling up your heroes, and equipping them with items, the early stages don't really need much thought to play, so get through them quicker by using the Auto feature.

Get Missing Items
A really neat feature of Hero Wars is that you can easily go back and try to get specific items that you need, without necessarily remembering where those particular items drop. On your hero page you may see a Get Now text where some of the items go, tap that, and the game will tell you where to go to try to get that item, so if you have already passed a level where you could acquire an item, you can just replay it to try again.

Strongford Quiz Answers

Playing the Strongford Quiz event when it is available is a great way to easily gain a ton of loot in Hero Wars. We've got you covered with so many answers from the Strongford Quiz right here . Just use the filter on that page to quickly jump to the question you are looking for.

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I play Mobile and It's fun and addicting. For newcomers I suggest doing some homework first to get the most out of your game.
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