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First Refuge Z is a survival apocalypse game from the developers of Puzzles and Survival. The game mixes base building with zombie battling in this interesting game. Below you'll find our best First Refuge Z cheats and tips to help you make some great progress in this game from 37 Studios.

First Refuge Z Cheats and Tips

The game is split in two main parts, base building and zombie annihilations so you'll need to master the characteristics of both of these types of game to do well in First Refuge Z, here are our tips.

Keep building and upgrading your bunker
Your bunker is your defense against the zombies, keep building rooms and upgrading them,. You'll need to assign workers to the rooms and keep make sufficient space in your base to add more rooms. The rooms will give you the resources you need to defend yourself in the game. In some cases you'll need to clear the rooms of zombies before you can build, but that shouldn't be a problem, make sure your heroes are always leveled up and that you use the best ones in your itinerary to clear the zombies from a room.
Expand Your Base - clear rooms and build staircase
Expand Your Base - clear rooms and build staircase

Troop Training
You'll need to keep an eye on troop training from the outset of the game. Building up a large army is essential to defeat the hoards of zombies waiting for you outside the base. Don't forget to level up your troops too whenever you can.
Zombie and Boss Battles
Zombie and Boss Battles

Use your items
There is no sense in keeping your items in your inventory, especially during the beginning stages of First Refuge Z. You'll want to use your speedups to get your buildings completed quickly so they can start bringing your materials, you'll want to upgrade your heroes and troops too using the resources in your inventory to do this.

Play Through the Quests
Playing through the quests in the game will get you a ton of free rewards that will help your base, heroes and troops, play through them whenever you can to get these rewards.

Look out for fragments
Fragments will improve your hero or unlock new ones, collect these when you can until you have enough to make an upgrade or unlock a new hero.

There are no First Refuge Z cheats, there may be some sites that offer unlimited gems and coins in First Refuge Z, be very careful if you decide to visit those sites as you may end up picking up a virus, or getting your account banned if you try to use a hack on First Refuge Z to get unlimited gems and coins.

Can I play First Refuge Z on a PC?

Yes, but you'll need an android emulator to do that. Simply search on the internet for BlueStacks or BigNox, or another popular Android emulator, install the emulator on your PC then use the emulator to download a version of First Refuge Z on your PC. And then look forward to blasting the hoards of zombies on the big screen!

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