Fates Forever

Top 10 Hints and Tips

Top 10 Hints and Tips
Fates Forever Guide

1. Never stay still, killing sprees are extremely valuable and add up in terms of points.

2. Use the coins you earn for upgrades and potions between deaths. There is no reason not to re-supply and every reason to.

3. Upgrade weapon, movement speed, and health.

Top 10 Hints and Tips

4. Always clear away the enemies before eliminating the towers.

5. Don't be afraid of the jungle - The jungle has an endless supply of resources, and you have the two shrines which potentially could turn the whole match to your favor should you capture them.

6. Always use the map to stick together with your team. That way you are not caught on your own.

7. Know your character and their strengths. Knowing what their job is helps guide you on what to buy in terms of supplies.

Top 10 Hints and Tips

8. Try to get in the final blow - you can allow your tributes to weaken the foe but the points and gold go to who delivers the killing blow and that should be you!

9. Luring the enemy into the fountain area is a sound tactic - if they come inside the field there they will get badly damaged.

10. Always remember that the enemy gyro can only be attacked if all of the towers and suppressors have been destroyed.

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