Exploration New York City

Exploration New York City

Fleury Games
Version: 0001.Fleury. | Everyone

Start your Exploration today! On a Big, Beautiful City New York! Or Create your infinite new and fictional world!

Enjoy this endless paradise world with Crafting and Building System.

Build, Destroy, Move, Fly, Jump, Craft, Survival, Farm, Ranch, Fish and Hunting.

New York is a big City with over 12 billion peoples. I live in New York and love this city. And with my game I would like to show you this city.

Beautiful Graphics, Amazing Sounds,Endless possibilities, Endless World and much more await you.

Choose creativity or survival mode, move through your world and make it more remarkable.

Everyone loves Craft games, they have become popular all over the world.

Explore and start developing your dream. You can use many different items, so you can create your ideal Kingdom or continue build New York . The game is infinite, which makes it so intriguing.

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