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Hints and Tips for Armour Age

Armor Age: Tank Games
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Armor Age is a WWII based tank battle game where you take command of a squad of tanks and other armored vehicles to complete missions against enemies. You are able to plan your tactics, develop your squad of tanks and train the personnel to upgrade your fighting force and take on the many challenges. The PvP mode allows you to go up against other players and test out your tanks and tactics.

Hints and tips for Armor Age
Hints and tips for Armor Age

Armor Age Hints and Tips

Tasks and Rewards
All of your mission successes will come with rewards, but there are other rewards that you can get in the game for doing tasks and yet more that you can get for free.

Tap the tasks icon in the top right to view you current task list. There will be new ones added daily for you to complete for rewards. Also check the rewards tab here for daily login rewards.

Next look in the Store and scroll down to a section for Supplies. Here there will be a daily free option for gold and other rewards that you can claim by watching an ad.

Tank roles
Each of your tank classes will have strengths and it is a good idea to learn these and use them appropriately. For example the light tanks are useful for scouting.

Finding out all you can about the battlefield before you start an attack can be a useful advantage. Send out your scout initially and look for vantage points where you can scout and not be attacked. Remember the light tank is vulnerable on its own though to proceed careful and be prepared to stop or withdraw if you spot trouble ahead.

Heavy tanks are your strongest and will generally be best as the front line when you launch your attack.

Antitanks will have longer range attacks so can do damage from distance. try to keep them as far out as possible to avoid them coming under too much fire.

The Medium tanks are useful with some good all round stats but you must use them effectively to make the most of their damage without risking them too much. If you have the other tanks in good positions and your heavy is keeping the enemy busy try to send your medium tank(s) to flank or get behind the enemy for a good advantage.

Face the enemy
When you approach and engage an enemy you will find that the tanks can turn and fire in different directions but its important to remember that the front of your tank will be the strongest, this the rear a weak point. As you manouver around the terrain its possible that some units will be turned around so that they can end up backing towards the enemy fire. This will make you more vulnerable and potentially end your assault prematurely.

Unlock ultimate abilities
As you should have seen in the tutorial each of your tanks can unlock an ultimate ability that can then activate under certain conditions. To unlock it though the tank’s crew must reach certain levels. For more info on the ability you can read the tank’s profile.

You should make reaching this level to unlock the ability a priority as it will greatly increase the tanks power. The crew upgrades will also give good bonuses to the tank’s base stats.

We hope these tips and tricks for Armor Age are useful to you. If you have any questions about playing the game please check out the Answers Page.
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