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Zombies try to eat baby. Baby make them eat lead.

Zombies try to eat baby. Baby make them eat lead.

Redhead Redemption is a vertical shooter game from the humor website 9GAG. The game features siblings May and her baby brother, George who are left alone in their home when the zombie apocalypse struck. Taking matters on their own hands, May carried George on her back and started escaping from the zombies – while the baby himself shoots down their pursuers.

The gameplay is simple yet fun. This is similar to traditional arcade vertical shooters instead of shooting up, you'll be shooting down. For every stage, there's a set distance that May needs to reach to complete it. George is armed and will fire his gun. May can only move from side to side so players need to kill the pursuing zombies before they catch up to her. If ever a zombie catches up to May, it will cling to her and deal damage continuously. May has a spinning blade melee attack but this has a cooldown so it should be used only when necessary. May also needs to avoid obstacles on the road. Bumping to these obstacles doesn't damage her but will slow her down a bit, drawing her closer to the chasing horde of the undead.

George will be shooting any weapon equipped automatically. While running, the siblings can pick up stray cats along the way to help them for a set amount of time. These cats function as wingmen since they also shoot the pursuers and will "attach" themselves to may, running side by side.

There are different zombies in the game like the standard zombies, the faster runner zombies, or the large, sturdier ones that takes multiple hits to kill. There are also backpack zombies that drop power ups and consumables when killed. You can only have one item active so make sure to use it immediately to be able to use the next power up you'll get. More importantly, players should also kill the Intel zombies. These are the special ones carrying intel on their backpack. Kill all intel zombies in the stage adds up to the stage's rank. (Best rank is 3 stars) To get the highest rank per stage, you have to complete with full health, and collect all five intels.

The game has two currencies: coins and diamonds. Coins are earned after completing a stage and as daily login rewards. Diamonds in the other hand are the game's premium currency. You can get a few of them as daily login reward but you need to purchase them to get a bulk of them at once. Coins can be grinded by replaying stages. This is necessary especially if you need to buy ordinary upgrades. Diamonds are used to unlock ordinary upgrades prematurely. Addtionally, there are special (and more powerful) ugprades that can only be purchased using diamonds. May and George doesn't level up so they need to rely on upgrades in order to survive the new, more potent zombies they encounter.

There are over 120 stages sprawling to four chapters and different modes. More upgrades and stages will be unlocked by playing normally through the story mode. You'll encounter boss zombies on major checkpoint stages which can award you with tons of coins. Previous stages can be replayed as many times as you want without repercussions.

The game's graphics is cute and adorably cartoonish. Even if the game's theme is absolute zombie genocide, you can comfortably indulge in the slapstick violence the game has to offer. The story transition is done through an attractive comic strip. The animation is smooth and the effects are perfect. The game's audio is great as well. It's upbeat and makes you not take the whole zombie ordeal seriously.

The game is free to play and doesn't require internet connection to play. There are also no disruptive ads or annoying difficulty spikes that will prevent players who prefer not to spend from enjoying the game. The optional in-game purchases are reasonably priced and thankfully, the game's difficulty curve won't force you to buy anything.

Redhead Redemption is quite an addictive game that offers hours and hours of gameplay. Despite being Free-to-Play, you get the full game, with the micro-transactions offered as optional convenience. Should you try it? Definitely.

4.6 / 5.0
Review by vhayste | Apr 15th 2015

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