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Tapping Inc Codes

In tapping Inc you have to purchase different stores and collect money that is generated by them over time. To get you off to a quick start with to receive a got lot of taps check out the Tapping Inc codes on this page.

With the free taps you get, you can upgrade the stores with in-game cash to make collecting easier and generation faster. Have a look around the game to discover the Daily Reward which, depending on the day could mean some nice free gems.

Tapping Inc Codes

Here are the latest working codes for Tapping Inc on Roblox. Use these codes to get some free pets and a whole load of taps, which are pretty useful if you are just starting out in the game.
Tap the Bird to Get to the Code Entry Menu
Tap the Bird to Get to the Code Entry Menu

The codes for Tapping Inc are easily redeemable, just start the game and look for the blue Twitter bird icon, click that, then in the window that appears copy and paste the codes that you want to try and click redeem.

Please bear in mind, that usually promo codes such as these do have a limited lifespan, so in time, these codes may not work, if some are not working, please let us know which ones and we'll check again and remove if they are invalid.

13klikesTap to copy

- Get 13,000 taps! (NEW)

12klikesTap to copy

- Get 12,000 taps! (NEW)

11klikesTap to copy

- Get 11,000 taps! (NEW)

3milTap to copy

- Get 3,000 taps! (NEW)

10klikesTap to copy

– Get 10k taps (New)

RussoTap to copy

– Get Russo Pet

TofuuTap to copy

– Get Tofuu Pet

CookieTap to copy

– Get Cookie Pet

WoofTap to copy

– Get Russo Dog Pet

Expired Codes
Here are the older codes that no longer work
9klikesTap to copy

– Get 9k taps (New)

2milTap to copy

– Get 8k taps

8klikesTap to copy

– Get 8k taps

7klikesTap to copy

– Get 7k taps

Use Your Free Taps for New Stores and Upgrades
Use Your Free Taps for New Stores and Upgrades

We hope you enjoy these Tapping Inc codes, please check back here at a later date for newer codes, and also you can follow @effort_studios on Twitter to stay up to date with new code releases and other game announcements from the developer.

There is also a Low Effort Studios Discord Group where you can chat wither other players about the game.

Consider joining the Low Effort Studios Roblox Group for a free pet and group chest.

Tapping Inc Pets
If you are lucky enough to get a pet from the redeem codes, then don't forget to equip them as soon as you get them. You can tap the paw button on the main game screen, then select equip best, and this should equip any and all of the pets that you redeemed from the codes or have in your inventory already. They will give a boost to your tap and gem collection.
Equip your free pets for a tap and gem collection boost
Equip your free pets for a tap and gem collection boost

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