Level Craft: Exploration

Level Craft: Exploration

Version: 1.1.5 | Everyone

Level Craft is a new exciting adventure in the boundless cubic world!
Conquer a huge island with all its inhabitants!
Here you can do anything!
The main thing in our game is the freedom of decisions and actions. Build whatever you want, or destroy everything that hinders you. Use all the gaming opportunities - there are so many of them! Feel yourself a creator!
Communicate with other inhabitants of the island, creeks of cubic friends. Tame wild animals, hunt, catch fish, plant plants. Be sure to protect yourself from any danger.
In the survival mode, learn to use all the resources around you to equip your life on the island. Uncover all the secrets of life in a mysterious cubic world!
Have a good game! You'll like it!

- Very nice texture in high resolution
- Realistic graphics
- Unbeatable interface
- Survival and Creation Mode, flight mode, day and night mode
- Very convenient game control
- High FPS, no compromises
- More possibilities for creativity without restrictions
- For children and adults
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