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Dice Push is a fast paced battle game that put you in a 1 on 1 push of war event. Roll your dice to try to overpower your opponent and push them off the board. There is an element of luck in the game as the dice can give you high or low numbers but with the right strategies you can give yourself an advantage and improve your chances of winning.

Hints and Tips

The dice throw
Choosing where to throw the dice and doing this successfully is the key to the game. The first skill to master is landing it on the board and not letting it bounce off. Swipe too quickly and you will lose your turn. But move too slow and you will be over taken by your opponent.

Once you know how to land it correctly you can pick your targets. Land it on your side of the barrier and you will add to your own units. Land it on your opponent’s side and you can reduce their numbers. A very handy trick if you can master it is to land it directly on the enemy units. This can kill some off when you hit them as well as then spawn some on the far side to reduce the enemy numbers.

Bonus Pads
As you progress you will also find targets appear on the board and if you land on them you can gain bonuses to your team. Some will double up the number of units you can get on the roll, while others will make super strong pushers. Hitting these targets is not easy though so there is plenty to practice and master.

Take advantage of upgrades
Before you start a level you will have an option to watch a video ad for an upgrade to your strength. You can also have and option to spend coins to increase your troops / strength. If you have the coins then we recommend using them to grab the advantage.

Avoid the holes
AS well as the bonus targets that appear you can also find holes appearing on the board. These are doubly dangerous as you can lose both the dice through it if you throw it badly and also your unit can fall through. This is especially annoying if you throw a good score to produce troops but they fall through the hole before joining the effort. Keep an eye out and avoid those holes.

Keep up the attack
IT is important to keep pushing literally and figuratively. Even when you seem to be ahead and about to win a lucky throw by your opponent can turn the tide quickly. so keep making your best throws and crush the enemy as quickly as you can.

We hope these tips help you make your best plays int he game and increase your fun and success. If you have any questions for Dice Push please head to the Answers Page to ask there.
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